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The Brixton Vegan Walkabout--the many Vegan delights South of the River!

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Welcome to The Brixton Vegan Walkabout!!

Whatever the weather, come to Brixton & explore!

45, 59, 109, 118, 133, 159, 250, 333

12.30-12.45pm; We gather outside Brixton Tube Station

12.45-2pm*; At Brixton Station Road for Vegan Tart, Saba's, Trina's, Taza Falafal, etc!

About 2-3pm*; wondering along to Ms Cupcake, via anywhere people fancy enroute!

3pm onwards*; Raining/cold? Off to The Dog Star....sun shining? Brockwell Park till late, & choice of pubs later, i.e back to Coldharbor Lane for Dog Star/Prince Albert OR up to Tulse Hill for the lovely Railway Tavern!

Other recommended pub *cheers Sarah Jane :) * ; The lovely retro/kitsch Effra Social, only a short 10 minute walk up Effra Road!

6.00pm* ;I'll be bussing it back North of the River for another Meet Up...this month, is slightly's Vegan's Invade Crobar! (off Charing Cross Road) :) **from 7-late!**

*Approximate times

<< Details of The Vegan Delights of Brixton >>

The Vegan Tart *BRIXTON BAKE OFF-BEST In Show & BEST Savoury 2013!!*
From Chocolate Tarts, to Lime & Thyme, from Homity Pies to Cookies or Scones, enjoy something yummy indeed inspired by the 1950's, with a dash of Twin Peaks indeed! >> http://www.facebook/thevegantart

Saba's Ethiopian Stall
Enjoy the great vegan option*, of injera (pancake made with self raising flower) or rice, with lentils, mixed veg & salad!
((*non-vegan option cooked totally separately))

Ms Cupcake
With plenty of naughty cupcakes to choose from, (including lots of chocolate ganaches, with mint, coffee, hazelnut, strawberry & other flavours indeed), plus a fridge full of Vegan Ice Cream, Rice Puddings, plus savoury pastries & new Vegan sandwiches, there's lots to tempt you at Ms Cupcakes Brixton base!

Other Brixton Vegan delights....* checked/recommended-there may well be more to discover...but this is a pretty extensive list! :) *

>Trina's Delicacies, (Vegetarian & Vegan), delicate fluffy yummy Vegan brownies & cupcakes; she often has free samples to try too...well worth a try :) . ((Located near Saba's/Vegan Tart)) Web link> Trina's Delicacies (

>Taza falafal (Vegan) *to the right, by the Recreation Centre Staircase*; yummy, fresh, well worth getting the large one!

>The Oracle's Organic Juice Bar; (Vegan) lovely salads & fresh juices in Brixton Village, 6th Avenue; see Sean's article here..... :) >> You can crush us | fatgayvegan (

> Grande Doubles; (Under the bridge, Coldharbor Lane, off Atlantic Road, diagonally opposite The Dog Star) Smoothies and Doubles, which are a lovely bit of bread, bit like naan bread, with chickpeas, spices, with or without chilli! Here; very nice & only £2! >

>Franca Manca; (( 4 Market Row, covered market)) I've heard people rate the vegan option here- I've heard there's one vegan pizza option, then you can add toppings; little bit pricey *about £1.50 per extra topping* but a friend said she just had the plain Margareita *minus cheese indeed* with just Artichokes added, that works out a good deal & sounds nice indeed!Franco Manca - Brixton (

>L'Express; (Market Row; a short walk from Ms Cupcake!) the 'greasy spoon' Express Cafe, that is 'taken over' on certain evenings, becoming a French Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant.... nice people, yummy vegan options, well worth a look!

L'Express Cafe - London, United Kingdom - Vegetarian & Vegan ... (

Senzala Creperie New Find, care of Sean (FGV's) friend Wayne; see this blog entry> Located in Brixton Village Market, they have a little Vegan section on their menu featuring 3 options & they can do gluten free crepes too! Here's a photo from Sean's blog & a note from Wayne's review; ''...This is my crepe, with caramelised onions, mushrooms, asparagus and lots of protein-rich rocket...'' (Looks nice... :) )

((Photo by FGV's friend Wayne))

And Local shopping; Holland & Barratt (Brixton Road)

Brixton Wholefoods (Atlantic Road)

Seating options >> there is some seating that may be available in the market, there is also a seating area upstairs outside the Recreation Centre, to the left; at Ms Cupcake, there is some out door seating available; also option of drinks, at the next door cafe!

After enjoying some Vegan delights, then.....

The Dog Star!'s off to pub around 2.30 or 3ish (it may be earlier if the weather is a bit much! Haha!!) for drinks & good conversation!! :) Plus Vegan pizza may be available again! :)

Or; at Colharbour lane > The Prince Albert, The Market House > at Effra Road, near Brixton Water Lane, Effra Social OR at Tulse Hill, Railway Tavern *post Brockwell Park; a Spring/Summer option! :) *

OR *weather permitting!*

Brockwell Park

At 3ish, if you fancy a trip to Brockwell Park, I'll head off with a little group for a couple of hours *say till about 5ish; could vary!* & meet whoever's still in the pub later on! I rather like the Walled Garden :)(Brockwell Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (>> At the end of Coldharbor Lane, with the main part of Brixton Road to your right, turn left passing by the Ritzy Cinema, & go up the main road, which is where Brixton Road becomes Effra Road; there are buses but it's not a long walk, roughly 10/15 minutes. Keep your eyes peeled at the road names to your left; when you see a street called Brixton Water Lane, turn left & after a short walk, the park entrance is on your right)

Intrepid Fox; Post Walkabout metal/rock bar back North of the River!

I'll leave Brixton by bus around 6.00pm; we'll meet people upstairs near DJ booth/pool table, from 7pm-late!! :)

So, after the success of a year+ of past trips, I look forward to more trips!!
All the best, Bye for now, Jess :)