Welcome to London Vegan Drinks, Hosted by Fat Gay Vegan at...
A Room With a View, 1st Floor, Whole Foods Market, 63-97 Kensington High Street
W8 5SE, London


Since late 2011, London Vegan Drinks has been drawing more than 100 Vegans & their Veg-curious friends, to meet, drink, eat, mingle and laugh, without meat! Join us on the third Thursday of every month and discover for yourself exactly why this is a much loved event in the Vegan Social Calendar!

I will be traveling by the number 10 bus, which alights at a bus stop a short walk away from Whole Foods Market and High Street Kensington Tube. I tend to arrive around 7 or 7.30pm; if you're new to LVM or haven't attended LVD yet, if you arrive earlier, you will be greeted on arrival by your host, Sean (Fat Gay Vegan) or Josh, who will be handing out name tags. Let them know you're new to the event and they'll be sure to make you feel at ease and introduce you to some friendly faces. To find me, do check out my profile photo (Jessica Stella Fox; I have long aurburn hair & tend to wear purple/black, etc.,) or ask Sean or Josh if I'm there yet, and they'll point you in the right direction. Then I'll introduce you to the friendly Vegan Drinks crowd! :)

I stay till late (post drinks finishes around 11 or midnight) ; everyone is free to come & go as they please.

((Spot the ''photo bomber?'' That's my friend Andy :) ))

Whole Foods Market is a most welcoming and accommodating venue for LVD; with plenty of drinks to choose from, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, at reasonable prices and lots of food available throughout all departments, including piping hot Vegan pizza, and the whole of the Whole Foods Market of course, so you're spoilt for choice!!

How does London Vegan Drinks work?

There's no cover charge & you can spend as little or as much as you like; so buy a drink, maybe buy a meal or snack too, get a name tag and enter a ‘Room With A View’, and you'll soon have a smile on your face.... :)

Where is the venue?

Whole Foods Market is housed in the historic Barker Building at 63-97 Kensington High Street, W8 5SE. The Room With A View is on the first floor, the same level as the bar, food court and restaurants. The function room is located at the front of the building, overlooking the High Street.

It's just a 3 minute walk from High Street Kensington Underground station (turn right out of station). This Tube station is serviced by the Circle and District lines.

Walk to WFM;

Buses travel from all over London and pass right by the front door of Whole Foods Market. Below is a simple table showing the major bus routes and their destinations. Click here for a pdf ( of all the routes that pass through Kensington.

So, do Join us on the third Thursday of every month for a most enjoyable & memorable night out; you will adore it!

You can invite non-Meetup pals over at the Facebook ( event. You can also show up without an RSVP.

From 10pm, 'post-drinks' is in The Goat Tavern, (when you leave Whole Foods, turn right) just a one minute walk along Kensington High Street.

All the best, See you there, Jess :)