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Welcome to London Vegan Potluck, hosted & organized by Fat Gay Vegan!

Join us in the basement* of Faraday House (,Faraday+House,+Syracuse+University+-+London+Program,+London+WC1N+3AE&gl=uk&ei=zuOkU6i1FYic0AWD1YC4DA&ved=0CBUQ8gEoATAA), on the 1st Wednesday of the month, from 6-8pm, for a friendly gathering of Vegan & Vegan friendly people, to enjoy a cruelty free feast of Homemade Food & a fantastic social night, where you can swap recipes & make, or catch up with, like minded friends! :) (( *Or occasionally other rooms; see reception/security sign in desk for details :) ))

Everyone is welcome, Vegan or not--so, for the sake of clarity, that's NO Meat, Fish, Dairy, Eggs & Honey! One homemade dish per person; anything NOT homemade will not be accepted I'm afraid! Not bringing a dish is also unacceptable & you will be turned away! ((But very young children, who don't eat as much as us adults, don't need a 2nd dish from their parents/guardians. :) ))

Don't worry about your level of cooking skills; houmous and dips are perfectly acceptable, as are loaves of bread; raw Vegan cheesecakes; pasta, quinoa or potato salads; pizza; cupcakes, tarts, pies, etc, etc!! As long as your dish s Vegan, be it savoury or sweet or both, we'll eat it!

Any drinks you may bring should be in addition to your homemade dish; just bringing a drink is not accepted! :) {{Please make sure any alcohol you bring is vegan. Barnivore ( is a fairly good resource for checking vegan alcohol. In addition, Sainsbury’s, The Cooperative and Marks & Spencers supermarkets advise on the label whether their alcohol is suitable for vegans. Bring cups for serving if you bring drinks!}}

Please Provide an ingredients list, a serving dish or plate & a serving utensil if required for your dish; this is a helpful resource ( if you are unfamiliar with hidden animal ingredients in food; all this for just £1!

We set up/put dishes down, from about 6pm, Sean makes announcements then lets everyone loose at about 6.15 or 6.20, to start filling their plates/eating! :) It's advisable to arrive early to get your plate down/fill your plate, but if you arrive later, no worries, but we do have to be out just before or bang on 8pm!

If it's your first Potluck or first Meet Up, don't be nervous; everyone is very friendly; so let people know you're new and get talking about the dish you made, etc! Do come and find me; check out my photo on my profile, (I have long aurburn hair and tend to wear purple/black, etc), or by the plates trolly, ask Sean, Josh or Kip where I am. I'll be happy to introduce you to my friends and later, if you are up for the pub, do follow us to The Citie of Yorke, High Holborn, a minute walk from Chancery Lane Tube, near Grays Inn Road, for drinking and socializing till 11pm-ish! :)

((You can also RSVP on the Facebook event page ( and invite non-Meetup friends.))

See you soon at London Vegan Potluck!

All the best,

Jess :)