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The Brixton Vegan Walkabout--Vegan delights South of the River!

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Welcome to The Brixton Vegan Walkabout!!

Inspired by a trip with two friends to visit The Vegan Tart, in October 2012, the first Walkabout soon followed in November 2012, and has since grown into a great, popular day trip, come rain or shine! :)

*...Farewell The Vegan Tart! They have now ceased trading for the foreseeable future but haven't completely ruled out a return...*

Here's a little visual guide to Brixton Station Road......

Come rain, or come shine, join us every 1st Saturday of the Month to explore the many Vegan delights, South of the River!

Buses >> 45, 59, 109, 118, 133, 159, 250, 333

The usual timings of the day; *with Seasonal variations!*
[masked]pm; We gather outside Brixton Tube Station
[masked]pm*; walk to Brixton Station Road for Saba's, Trina's, Scoff, etc! ((Some of us may wonder off to the Jamaican place, but we'll come back to the market where there's some seating near Saba's stall, or plenty of standing room!! :) ))

About 2-3pm*; wondering along to Ms Cupcake, via anywhere people fancy enroute!
>>We generally go ...

A) past the Recreation Centre Stairs, turn right, past more stalls until we turn left up Atlantic road, which joins Coldharbour Lane, where the Dog Star is on the corner.

Or B) Just before leaving the outdoor market, we may take a small side entrance into ''Brixton Village,'' where The Oracle Organic Juice Bar is at 6th Avenue, and ''Market Row,'' ((entrance on Atlantic Road)) which leads us to Ms Cupcake!

3pm onwards* ;
Raining/cold? Off to The Dog Star {{who now offer Vegan options as standard, for their pizzas, on request, featuring V Bites Cheezly Mozzarella & V Bites Deli Toppings including Vegan Chorizo! :) }}
Sun shining? Brockwell Park till late, & choice of pubs later, i.e. back to Coldharbor Lane for Dog Star/Prince Albert/Market House OR up to Tulse Hill for the lovely Railway Tavern!

Other recommended pub *cheers Sarah Jane :) * ; the lovely retro/kitsch Effra Social, only a short 10 minute walk up Effra Road! Or next door, there's The Hootenany!

Furthermore, there's now Vegan Drinks, from 6pm, all the way NORTH of the river (Tube from Brixton takes half an hour to Wood Green & it's about a 10 minute walk to Coburg Street when you get there; it's called Kabaret @ Karamel!!) So, there's lots going on, North & South, so see you somewhere, till late! :)

*Approximate times

Market Stars!

Saba's Ethiopian Stall
Enjoy the great vegan option*, of injera (pancake made with self raising flower) or rice, with lentils, mixed veg & salad!
((*non-vegan option cooked totally separately))

>Trina's Delicacies, (Vegetarian & Vegan), delicate fluffy yummy Vegan cupcakes, cakes & brownies; she often has free samples to try too...well worth a try :) ((Located near Saba's/Vegan Tart)) Web link> Trina's Delicacies (

Scoff! New to Brixton Station Road is the lovely Jane & her decadent truffle & fudge delights! I think pictures say a 1000 words.... *photos care of Sean's review here >> * * :) >> You'll find her down the far end, after the Recreation Centre..... :)

And... (what, there's more? Oh yes...) .... There's another new stall nearby Scoff, by a dairy free lady who sells, mostly Vegan, cheap boiled sweets & iced coconut; check her out for all your boiled sweet & icing needs!

Brixton Village! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>The Oracle's Organic Juice Bar; (Vegan) lovely salads & fresh juices in Brixton Village, 6th Avenue; see Sean's article here..... :) >> You can crush us | fatgayvegan (

Market Row/Coldharbour Lane! >>>>>>>>>>>>> Grande Doubles; (Under the bridge, Coldharbor Lane, off Atlantic Road, diagonally opposite The Dog Star) Lovely little place with fruit & veg out front, inside, a small row of seats; they do a lovely simple dish of slightly spicy chickpeas with a lovely tamarind sauce in two pieces of bread, as below; it's lovely and can be as spicy as you like, depending on how much tamarind sauce you have!! :) >>

>Franca Manca; Sourdough pizza can be veganized (basically, minus the cheese & choose whatever toppings you like) Franco Manca - Brixton (

>L'Express; Pop up Vegetarian/Vegan French restaurant; check out the link below for menu/opening times :)

L'Express Cafe - London, United Kingdom - Vegetarian & Vegan ... (

Ms Cupcake
With plenty of naughty cupcakes to choose from, (including lots of chocolate ganaches, with mint, coffee, hazelnut, strawberry & other flavours indeed), plus a fridge full of Vegan Ice Cream, Rice Puddings, plus savoury pastries & new Vegan sandwiches, there's lots to tempt you at Ms Cupcakes Brixton base!

And Local shopping;

Holland & Barratt (Brixton Road)

Brixton Wholefoods (Atlantic Road)

After enjoying some Vegan delights,!

The Dog Star

A spacious cosy place, we regularly take over the back space by the Dog picture! They serve several Vegan friendly Beers & cider; and they offer Vegan Options for their Pizza's, with V Bites Cheezly & Deli toppings, including Vegan chorizo, made by their Sicillian chef; they've gone down a treat in recent months! :)

Other local pubs we've been to are minutes/seconds away from The Dog Star & Ms Cupcake; The Market House and The Prince Albert.

OR *weather permitting!*

Brockwell Park *In case of chilly or rainy weather, nearby pubs to Brockwell are Effra Social & Hootenanny, on Effra Road; Brixton Water Lane to the right of Hootenanny leads directly to the park! :) *

At 3ish, if you fancy a trip to Brockwell Park, I'll head off with a little group for a few hours, & maybe meet whoever's still in the pub later on! I rather like the Walled Garden :) (Brockwell Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (>>

So, after the success of a year+ of past trips, I look forward to more trips!!

All the best, Bye for now, Jess :)