The Brixton Vegan Walkabout

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Welcome to The Brixton Vegan Walkabout, 2015!! Now over 2 Years old!

Come Rain or Come Shine, discover the many Vegan Delights, South of the River, every 2nd Saturday of the Month!

{Photo by Sebastian Schmidt, February 2013}

Transport> Brixton Tube Station / Buses ~ 45, 59, 109, 118, 133, 159, 250, 333

We meet from 12.30pm, at Brixton Tube Station, there's a short walk to Brixton Station Road, plus lots of places to explore just a few minutes walk from the market *Brixton Village, Market Row, Coldharbour Lane/Atlantic Road, etc*, then we hang out at Ms Cupcake for an hour before heading to the pub or park (weather permitting), till late... :)

For Brunch with Fat Gay Vegan before you meet us, or whenever after 3pm, till late, Veg Bar is now 100% Vegan and is just moments away from Brockwell Park! :) :) Join us at any time.... here's a rough guide to when we'll be where![masked]pm; Gathering outside Brixton Tube Station
[masked]pm*; then, a short walk to Brixton Station Road, where we explore the market & surrounding area before .....

From about 2pm*; ....we wonder along to hang out at Ms Cupcake, via anywhere people fancy enroute!

*We may go via Brixton Village or along Atlantic Road, turning into Market Row's entrance there or turning the corner at the cross roads, into Coldharbour Lane.... :)*

2.30/3pm* till late ;

The Dog Star

A spacious cosy place, we regularly take over the back space by the Dog picture, or, lately, the Ballroom, upstairs! They serve several Vegan friendly Beers & cider; and they offer Vegan Options for their Pizza's, with V Bites Cheezly & Deli toppings, including Vegan chorizo, made by their Sicillian chef; they've gone down a treat in recent months! : )

{Other local pubs we've been to are minutes/seconds away from The Dog Star & Ms Cupcake; The Market House and The Prince Albert}


Brockwell Park *weather permitting!*

*In case of chilly or rainy weather, nearby pubs to Brockwell are Effra Social & Hootenanny, on Effra Road AND now.....100% vegan venue, Veg Bar, also on Effra Road, not far from Hootenanny; Brixton Water Lane to the right of Hootenanny leads directly to the park! :) *

At 3ish, if you fancy a trip to Brockwell Park, I'll head off with a little group for a few hours, & maybe meet whoever's still in the pub later on! I rather like the Walled Garden :)

*Approximate times

Market Highlights Gallery!

Brixton is a Vegan friendly Village.....from Ethiopian, to Jamaican, to American, to Asian, to Italian, etc, etc, take your pick from a great variety of savoury & sweet, healthy & indulgent Vegan Delights!

So, after the success of over 2 years of Walkabouts, I look forward to more trips Sarrf of the Riverrr!!!

All the best, Bye for now, Jess :)

Lots of Details & Links >

Saba's Ethiopian Stall
A selection of 3 or 4 vegetable dishes (e.g., lentils, mixed veg, potato with spinach & salad...) with injera (wheat/teff flour fermented pancake)
((*non-vegan option cooked totally separately))

>Trina's Delicacies, (Vegetarian & Vegan), delicate fluffy yummy Vegan cupcakes, cakes & brownies; she often has free samples to try too...well worth a try :) ((Located near Saba's/Vegan Tart)) Web link>

Scoff! New to Brixton Station Road is the lovely Jane & her decadent truffle & fudge delights! I think pictures say a 1000 words.... *photos care of Sean's review here >> * * :) >> You'll find her down the far end, after the Recreation Centre..... :)

And... (what, there's more? Oh yes...) .... There's another new stall nearby Scoff, by a dairy free lady who sells, mostly Vegan, cheap boiled sweets & iced coconut; check her out for all your boiled sweet & icing needs!

Brixton Village! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>The Oracle's Organic Juice Bar; (Vegan) lovely salads & fresh juices in Brixton Village, 6th Avenue; see Sean's article here..... :) >>

Market Row/Coldharbour Lane! >>>>>>>>>>>>> Grande Doubles; (Under the bridge, Coldharbor Lane, off Atlantic Road, diagonally opposite The Dog Star) Lovely little place with fruit & veg out front, inside, a small row of seats; they do a lovely simple dish of slightly spicy chickpeas with a lovely tamarind sauce in two pieces of bread, as below; it's lovely and can be as spicy as you like, depending on how much tamarind sauce you have!! :) >>

>Franca Manca; Sourdough pizza can be veganized (basically, minus the cheese & choose whatever toppings you like)">Franco Manca - Brixton

>L'Express; Pop up Vegetarian/Vegan French restaurant; check out the link below for menu/opening times :)">L'Express Cafe - London, United Kingdom - Vegetarian & Vegan ...

Ms Cupcake
With plenty of naughty cupcakes to choose from, (including lots of chocolate ganaches, with mint, coffee, hazelnut, strawberry & other flavours indeed), plus a fridge full of Vegan Ice Cream, Rice Puddings, plus savoury pastries & new Vegan sandwiches, there's lots to tempt you at Ms Cupcakes Brixton base!

And Local shopping;

Holland & Barratt (Brixton Road)

Brixton Wholefoods (Atlantic Road)