London Vegan Drinks


Since September 2014, London has had a new, all vegan bar / restaurant / venue - Kabaret at Karamel. Run by vegans, and with an all vegan menu and drinks list, this is now the home of London Vegan Drinks. And although it's a little out of central London, it's less than 30 minutes from Oxford Circus by public transport.

What's more, they have a late license until the early hours at weekends. So feel free to arrive any time between our start and end times. And being a Saturday, you (hopefully!) won't have to worry about work in the morning.

If you've been to London Vegan Drinks before, you'll already know that this event, founded by blogger FatGayVegan in 2011, has become London's biggest monthly vegan social event (having already outgrown three previous venues). And if you haven't been before, it's about time you did!

Invite your friends who aren't on Meetup here:

Karamel is a wheelchair-accessible venue, with a folding ramp to help customers over the doorsill. (There's a second entrance just past the main entrance that may be more accessible, but which isn't always open.) The venue also has a wheelchair-accessible toilet (towards the front of the building, behind the bar.)

We're keen to ensure that cost is never a barrier to attendance - either for vegans on a low-income, or for non-vegans who don't want to pay to learn more about veganism. Therefore, we never charge for membership or attendance. But that doesn't mean that our group or our events don't cost us anything to run! So if you'd like to (and are able to) support our events and future projects, you can find out how to do so here: