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Helping talented writers meet the top agents in one huge writers' festival. Get feedback from top agents, attend writing workshops and have fun.

So I attended this festival last year and I can say, without question, it was the best thing I've done for my writing (ever) so now I'm paying it forward to all of you, with a LWC member discount, of course.

In York, not only do you get to submit work (3k words) in advance for professional critique by top agents (, editors and book doctors but you'll attend stacks and stacks of writing workshops ( to hone your craft at the same time. Past guests of LWC like Jeremy Sheldon and Julie Cohen are both regulars at York (how did you think I met them??)

The feedback is incredibly helpful and motivating, although sessions with the top agents go rapidly, especially if they're genre specialists, so best to consider booking before the end of July when it gets tougher to see the person you really want (just saying).

The Writer's Workshop ( are an experienced editorial consultancy and they've been putting on this festival for the past five years because they know how tough it can be for writers to get their work in front of the right agent. If they love your work or its reccommended by others, they'll ensure the right introductions are made as agents attending as actively hunting for new voices and new clients. That could be YOU.

Truth: I'm working with the organisers this year to ensure 2014 is a huge success (follow @festivalwriting for my lame attempts to spur conversation) but I wouldn't be doing that if I didn't believe in its ability to help writers move forward, meet their agent and take first steps on the path to a six-figure publishing deal. Don't believe me? Read how that happened for one writer last year:

After attending, I had more focus, more awareness of my strengths and weaknesses and more commitment to my writing than ever before. I'm positive many of you will come away feeling the same.

For those who've already signed up - hooray! - and for those thinking about it, ask me anything and I'll tell you honestly if I think this event is for you. You can also ask anyone chatting about it on Twitter with hashtag #FoW14 (unless they are a first-timer as well).

Venue: University of York campus

Dates: September 12th to 14th

Program, agents attending and workshops:

Cost range from £175 (just Sunday) to £535 (full weekend) but totally worth it if you want to meet a variety of agents at the same time and place. Remember to use the code 'LWC' to get 15% off your ticket when booking:

Questions about accommodation, travel or the program? Just call or email Laura or Nikki of The Writers' Workshop on 0345 459 9560 or

Hope to see you there!

Over and out.