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Presentation: Inheritable installation profiles for Drupal 7

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Presenter: Aaron McGowan

Audience: Intermediate to Advanced

An installation profile is a specialized module that is used the installation process of a Drupal instance. By default, Drupal core comes with three installation profiles called Standard, Minimal and Testing. Drupal has almost always had some variety of an installation profile, but with Drupal 7 they became a whole lot easier to create and understand. As a result, installation profiles provides an intuitive mechanism for creating products (e.g. Drupal Commons) or starter kits for bootstrapping development in a specific domain.

Unlike Drupal 7’s themes, installation profiles are not inheritable by default and do not provide the ability for creating "base profiles".

This presentation aims to provide:

• An introduction to inheritable profiles.

• A real-world use case from the Indiana State University.

• A look into Drupal InstallKit (an experimental installation profile)