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Low light shoot in the studio

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Needs a date and time

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Bring your camera's out and get ready to learn to shoot with fall-off lighting and make shift light setups in low lighting situations. Learn to use flashlights, lamps, head lamps & lighters to get some amazing shots for those situations where you have no electrical outlet to plug in your strobes or soft-boxes, or even if you're someone who doesn't own a portable strobe setup.
Also learn to use strobes set at a fast fire rate to get those soft & dynamic shadows that you see in high fashion photography. We'll make sure you leave with a lot of knowledge to help you take your low light skills to that level you desire. Whether shooting in a studio looking for that look with contrasting shadows, or if you are out and about and are armed with nothing but a cell phone light, you'll have the tools you need to get the high quality imagery that speaks to your audience.

The models will be there dressed in
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if you have any questions call Shelby at (817)941-6839