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Food, Music, and community at the Rail: Every Second Sunday at noon!

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Paul R. and Kori L.
Food, Music, and community at the Rail: Every Second Sunday at noon!


Second Sundays at the Rail!
A community gathering for those that enjoy or make music and art.
It's a breakfast/lunch potluck and an open jam + song circle.
You do not need to be an artist or musician to attend!

Second Sunday events are FREE.
No donations requested or accepted.

You must rsvp on meetup to attend

Non-Political, Non-religious - please leave yours at home :-)

People play originals, folk, rock, bluegrass, jazz, old-time/Appalachian, Americana, pop.. acoustically done! genres galore! There is no official jam leadership, and everyone gets to participate! Musicians, artists and music lovers welcome. You don't need to be a musician to come! You also don't need to "bake" :-) many don't...

Please park at least a block from our house. Park around the corner on Stuart where there is a long stretch by the corner house or Park on 24th on the south side just past Stuart. Feel free to drop your music and supplies then go park. You can block our driveway for a quick instrument/dish drop-off. Don't block other neighbors or park in front of the fire hydrant. It's really important we keep things cool with the neighbors. The parking guidelines are very important to us.

"participation" optional. Just come and eat and don't sweat it Or, bring something amazing.

We'll have coffee going. Other than coffee... bring your own drinks and maybe some to share!

Wake and Bake at the Rail is an open Jam and Chill!
Our crowd is super friendly! This is an easy place to make friends, network with other musicians and songwriters. Come play with others - beginners welcome! Get your acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, bass (etc) and join the circle! Some folks just come to listen and talk and enjoy the day! There's always a lot of food.

We especially encourage new and returning FEMALE musicians!
You will not be passed by! Guys, of course you are welcome too, and help a lady find a seat! :-)

You do NOT have to be a musician to attend!

Starts at NOON
(please don't be early)
It's okay to show up / leave whenever after noon. There is no "on time!"
We go to about 4, sometimes later.

We have no current restrictions related to masks/vaccinations.
That said - if you aren't feeling well, stay home!

Limited spots, rsvp required:
Make your yes a yes! It helps us plan + limit numbers if needed. Please change your rsvp if you can't make it. We notice no-shows!
You may only request 2 spots (+1 guest) per meetup account
so if you have 4, get someone else in your group to join and rsvp...

-Leave your pet at home.

Bring enough beverages for you and your kin, maybe some to share.
We've got the coffee covered.

GLBTQ welcome / encouraged!
420 Friendly - be considerate of others.
Leave religion, politics, drama, covids, weapons, & shit talk at home.
We keep it positive! We uplift and support each other.
If you are sick please STAY HOME and join us next month.

Wake-n-bake is FREE.
No donation$ requested or accepted.

Don't Forget your MUSIC! (If you make it)
Bring your acoustic guitar/mandolin/fiddle/bass/banjo, etc
Tune up, Turn on, and Drop in!

This is a private gathering.
We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave.
Be good family!

Join Longmont Musical Supper Club on Facebook and ask there for quickest response, or email
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Longmont Musical Supper Club - The Rail Live Music Community
Longmont Musical Supper Club - The Rail Live Music Community
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