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Two-step gathering.
First, gathering a group of talented musicians, and "soul" vocalists, by practicing and (turning a jam session into a refined harmony), creating incredibly unusual improv music. Attendance is unlimited with RSVP.
Secondly, a limited number of musicians in the group, ideally, about 10-20, will perform for interested attendees, who like to dance to their "heart" desired movement, or simply just be still and listen and meditate (similar to sound-bath sessions).
The purpose of the group is for everyone (musicians, and attendees) to have fun, exercise, heal, transform, mutate their genes, and much more!!
Performance would be mainly in the parks, beaches, even indoors (when raining/cold). In summer times, on a weekly basis, and biweekly/monthly on holidays and other times.
Suggestions, ideas, insights, and assistance are welcomed for organizational, support, and any and all other matters.
LIFE is fun!!
FUN is life!!!

Abby Dabi

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