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What we’re about

Are your intentions to ...Heal physically, mentally or emotionally? ...Attract your heart’s deepest desires and dreams? ...Relax deeply and quiet the mind? ...Cultivate more awareness ...Benefit from a loving and supportive community?

We are a loving and supportive community of beautiful beings that believe in the positive effects of a guided meditation practice. As a group, we come together with the intention of supporting each other in our practice. By practicing as a group, we share in the love and support. We contribute positivity and love to the collective energy of the planet. Join us as we cultivate peace and love within our hearts with the intention of sharing it with all beings.

The simplicity of our practice is well suited for both beginner and advanced meditators. There is no physical effort involved. The practice involves relaxing, letting go, trusting and surrendering.

As in all practices, commitment to your practice will bring about the best results. Practicing regularly will allow you to relax, let go, trust and surrender more and more. This is core of the practice.

The simplicity and repetition of the practice, along with the sound of my voice, will assist you into entering the hypnagogic state (the state between wakefulness and sleep) during your session. This is where the true magic happens. Where all your intentions, desires and dreams can develop and manifest into your reality.

I offer these guided meditations free/by donation, as to make them available to everyone. If you enjoy the sessions and have the means, please consider supporting my offering by making donations through PayPal to: All donations will be used to support this offering and are much appreciated.

You can connect with me by email: if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for the privilege of guiding your practice! It is truly an honor.

Sending much LOVE,