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Gals On the Go ... Walk

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Beginner Hike, Novice level; 3-4/10. Pace of the Hike: slow

Time: Just over and hour and half .

Our Mission: introduction to inclines and declines.

Distance: 3 miles. Departure: @5:30 pm.

The meeting Location: Drive through parking lot 1, Pass the Merry Go Round, continue into Parking Lot 2 straight ahead to the "STAIRS ". If you get lost ask everyone you see how to get to the stairs, someone will help you find them, dont be shy ... I want to Be back by Sunset ! Please no fast Hikers on this hike.

This is the all women's division of the L A Hiking Group. Men are welcome! group will focus on rehab, cancer events, 5K training, and prep for higher levels of Hiking."All are welcome to the L A Hiking Group " . Bring water, aspirin, band aids, knee brace, tape, camera and ... wear Running shoes, Hiking shoes or Trail Runners. Come have fun, fun, fun ...

Walking is an aspect of hiking and is a great cross training exercise for Hikers. Burn approx. [masked] calories, stored fat and walking can build muscle to speed up your metabolism. Walking an hour a day is also associated with cutting your risk of heart disease, stroke, breast, colon and prostate cancers and diabetes.

.... DON'T ask Hike Leader to change destination IN PUBLIC, do it it privately ... Rules of Conduct: (1.) Absolutely ... " no one left Behind." (2.) DON'T EXPECT ME TO GIVE YOU A MAP OF THE ROUTE and Any hike leaders showing up on this hike must show homage to the humble and lovable Mr. Deeds, life is tough folks ! ---- In Deed's We Trust " -----

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