(Strenuous) Mt. Whitney Mountaineers Route


Price: $20.00

Pizza Factory

301 S Main St · Lone Pine, CA

How to find us

Will provide cell phone number

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This is the Whitney Mountaineer's Route - the hard one.

We'll start out at Whitney Portal early on July 3 and head straight up JM34, aka the MR along the North Fork of Lone Pine Creek. I haven't decided what the start time will be as of yet, but probably about an hour before sunrise. We will use lights to go up, but prefer to do the bulk of this climb in the daylight after the sun has had a chance to soften any snow in the chute and other gullys near the top.


What to expect - well... you will be starting at ~8,400' and climbing to 14,500' (6,000') over the course of less than 4 miles. The elevation profile is extreme. It is at 30% grade for a considerable amount of the trail, with some steep sections (the chute) reaching over 65% (as shown in the picture). I encourage you to click on the MR Route on the Caltopo page and look at the profile and study the route.

You must train for this hike.

To be considered for this hike, you must demonstrate to me or my co-host that you have been training for this hike.

Crampons will be required if there is still snow in the chute. Microspikes will not be allowed. The grade is too steep for microspikes and the snow will be soft, so you need the large spikes found on crampons.

If you need me to tell you what general equipment to bring... you probably should not be signing up for this event.

I have a permit for 6.