Welcome to another year at Hogwarts!

Let's celebrate the start of another term (and the end of summer) with a picnic in the park! This will be a potluck style picnic with a Hogwarts House competition, a series of games that earn the winning team House Points all in an effort to win the House Cup! Some of the magical games we have in store for you is the Dragon Challenge, Goblins Garden Gobstones, Dueling and more!

Additionally, we are working on a crafting project we will be sending to J.K. Rowling along with some of our past newsletters and other items so we need a nice group photo which we will take at the picnic.

We had to purchase a 50 person park permit to hold this event and there are hard costs for some of the games we are playing so this event is reserved for LADA members who have paid their $5 membership fees for the July to December 2014 period. We only have 50 spots for this special event so when you RSVP for this event, please be sure to pay your $5 membership dues online within 24 hours to secure your spot. If you have a friend that would also like to attend, please have them officially join the group so that they can pay their membership dues and RSVP on their own. Plates, napkins, cups and utensils will be provided.

Things to do/bring:

• Pay your $5 July to December membership dues online and RSVP to secure your spot

• Bring a savor potluck dish to share with the group (no desserts as these will be covered, enough to share with 20 people that can withstand picnic temperatures)

• Bring a drink to share with the group (large bottle or 6 pack)

• Wear comfortable clothes & shoes

• Bring sunblock, hat, sunglasses, etc.

• Bring a chair or blanket for sitting.

Be there or be a Muggle!