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Salsa dancing at the Autry!

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No hype, just great Salsa music and dancing.

Admission is $10 to get into the event. You can buy tickets online from the Autry Museum of Western Heritage website below, or pay at the door. I think they take credit cards at the door, but you probably want to bring cash just incase.

More info here!

How to find us: Well, as usual, you know my events are cross posted to hell with other groups, so to find us, just look for people's faces you see on the meetup rsvp's. My pics are recent. Are yours? lol. Usually in the back towards the lawn there's a few empty tables if you want to congregate there and people watch. I'm there to DANCE, so the dancefloor is another option to find us. Hello!

Parking is free in the LA Zoo parking lot across the walkway. :)

Mojito Mas Famous Q & A section:

1. any hot chicks going? YES damnit, they have chicken tacos you frigg'n pervert. We're there to salsa dance, not hit on every woman who attends. Besides, this is a heavily filled machismo / testerone latin environment. Go ahead and hit on the girls there, if you want a good beat down!!!

2. can I bring my dog? F*&k NO! It's a museum! No dogs allowed.

3. I don't wanna salsa, can I go anyways? Sure, if you want to hang out and people watch, go for it.

4. I don't know how to dance. Should I go? YES... they have a FREE lesson right smack in the middle of the event... 7 or 7:15ish usually.

5. What kind of music will they be playing? You know, I was just singing "I see you baby, shak'n dat a$$" in my head today. Uhm, no, not quite. Did you frigg'n read the meetup description... SALSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They play SALSA music!

6. If I can't get there till 9pm, should I attend? You know, they need people to clean up. Not really. Don't come if you're gonna be late!!

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