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Introductory meetup to discuss future topics and start the conversation!
Expect to leave with action steps to start building the inner-confidence, self worth and identity system that will enable you to see all the possibilities ahead. You have the resources to treat yourself better already in you - let's get to them together and start that journey today. Bring a notebook and pen for notes or a phone to record the session.

Beverly Hills

TBD · Beverly Hills, CA

What we're about

Feeling like no matter what you do, something is missing?

Is it hard to hear the positive self talk over the negative chatter monkey in your head?

Are you seeing that one area of your life seems to be going great while another (or others) consistently appears to be off the rails?

For me, the negativity was anchored heavily in my drinking behavior. Alcoholism led me astray from my path and I always felt an emptiness inside that further fueled the binge drinking behavior. Drinking led to drugs, which led to bad choices, which led to broken relationships, missed career opportunities and a severely broken self image and worth system of myself.

The decision to get sober and start the recovery journey was the easy part. Stepping into the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental healing that arose from this momentous choice was the difficult part. Everyday I take more steps into the journey by practicing self care and evaluation to make sure I am treating myself like I want others to treat me - with love, compassion, empathy, understanding and care.

Positivity and optimism aren't states of being that just happen - I had to direct my energy and intentions toward having and feeling them daily. Everyday I wake up I begin making thousands of choices - and so many of them are being done by the unconscious mind, in a trance like state - think cruise control or autopilot.

Surely we've all been in a conversation where we aren't really listening but we know just the right time to say, "uh huh," or "oh, yeah," or "really?" so that the speaker thinks we are totally paying attention.

We've all driven somewhere and observed the road, vehicles and landscape perfectly fine yet when we arrived at our destination we had no idea how we got there!

Or...reached for our vice of choice, after a hard day, because that's the reward for dealing with the world around us - only to find that we don't wake up feeling relaxed and recharged but more drained and less prepared for the new day ahead. Tack on guilt for hitting that vice again and now we further plug ourselves into the trance of the matrix.

Operating our lives all tranced out and oblivious to what's happening around us is no way to go through life - and if you're like me then what you're paying attention to at those times are: the daydreams that keep popping up, the chattering in the head about what was done in the past or what MIGHT happen in the future, and the feelings associated with all that stuff.

If you are ready to start living in the now. If you are ready to start seeing your self worth the moment a negative feeling, thought, voice or image pops into your head then get out of your house, into a mode of transportation and get to this meetup RIGHT NOW!

Well, maybe not right now...look at the date and time and arrive then, not right this second - that would be ridiculous because I won't be there all the time just waiting for you.

You know it's better to feel good about yourself than bad. The main problem is we get stuck into a way of feeling, thinking, seeing or hearing and we don't know how to get out of the groove we scratched into the record that is our life.

We all know the only way to get the needle out of the scratch is to go over and lift it up and move it - yet in our lives we get stuck in that scratch and think if we just keep letting the player play that it'll figure itself out in a matter of time.

Imagine if the answer was as simple as being proactive about your self: worth, love, confidence, trust, and actualization!

Get out of the rut and get on the right track. Going through life tranced out in the scratch will give you the same results it always's time to learn a new way, right?

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