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The Heavens are boiling. The world is not as it once was. War has come to the Garden and is being fought across the Veil and elemental planes. How long until the war spills over into the mortal world?

This is a time for heroes and heroines. The worthy are being branded by magic itself. A Call to Action. A Call to Ascend.

This is an ongoing 4e campaign currently at level 15. We have no available spots open for long-term characters but lurkers, NPCs and one-shot characters are always welcome. There have been several games that have spawned from people coming and hanging out with us on Sundays.

If anyone would like to attend just post something on here. As a note the game location is hidden due to my respecting the privacy of the homeowner. If you are attending I will send you an email with the actual address.

Into the dungeon they have crawled. After avoiding fights left and right the group is itching for combat, especially with their new-found fight promoter friends Shez who is going to broadcast their struggle to all the elemental planes.