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Do you want to create the life of your Dreams?
• What we'll do The Next Love Alchemy Workshop: Become a Master Manifester Sunday February 18th, 2-4pm. Space is limited. Register at The Yogi Tree Center for Growth under workshops. Join us as we learn the tools to create what you desire in your life. You will learn how you are creating even the things you do not want in your life. The dictionary definition of manifest is: something that is clear for the eye, the mind and the world to see. The language of the universe communicates in images and emotions! We tend to call an actor great if he is successful in projecting as little as ten percent of the words into images while he is speaking. This is the main reason we get pulled into the story and can thus feel the character’s pains and pleasures and empathize with them. This also happens to be the way the universe communicates. Therefore in order to bring in our desires we must get clear on what it is we want. We must see it, speak it, write it, and then we can create it. We will come together to gather all the tools you need to bring forth all your great desires and to create the life you deserve. If you are seeking personal growth this is the place to start. My practice opens up to receive two new clients each month - once you learn the tools to create your life you become your own coach. For more information on Love Alchemy Coaching contact me directly. ABOUT YOUR GUIDE: Charmaine Hamp is a Catalyst for Change through LOVE ALCHEMY. She is one of the founding members of a movement in Los Angeles called 'The Rise,’ an empowerment group created to raise the vibration of the planet. Charmaine is a Life Coach with Love Alchemy Coaching. She is HypnoBirthing® Coach, inspiring beautiful, inspiring, often pain-free births. She is a Kundalini/Meditation Yoga Instructor and teaches Self-Love workshops in L.A encouraging clients to step into living the life of their dreams. Currently she is writing a book with Golden Brick Road Publishing House that investigates the subject of Time and trusting you are always exactly where you need to be. Connect: Website: FB: Charmaine Hamp Instagram: @lovealchemy11 & @meditationalbirth Email: [masked] • What to bring Pen and a Piece of Paper • Important to know

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