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Tap into new friendships this year. For over two decades, millions of people have chosen Meetup to make real connections over shared interests. Start a group today.

Create your community easily 

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Scale Your Reach

Create an unlimited number of groups. Host multi-group events, send cross-group messages, and even schedule a single event across all of your groups to reach your entire community at the same time.

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Grow Your Brand

Custom branding tools make your community stand out to members. Create custom headers, network logos, and links to your personal website and social channels.

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Build Your Network

Receive email addresses of members who attend your events, use custom registration forms to learn about your community, and export data into your CRM or use our MailChimp integration.

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Drive Engagement

Review insights that show your most successful events, community growth, and RSVP trends to do more of what works.

Make 2024 your year with Meetup

Great friendships start with common ground. Find your crowd among the 60+ million people who’ve joined Meetup to gather over interests and hobbies, build professional networks, or just have some fun.

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Get social, meet locals

Meet the people who make a city a home. Start a group for happy hours, dining out, nightlife, live music venues, and more. Schedule local adventures while making lifelong friends.

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Build healthy habits

Meet your self-improvement goals this year with community. Start a group to meet people who share your interest in wellness, yoga, fitness, meditation, or spirituality.

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Stay ahead of the tech trends

Tech communities thrive on Meetup. Start a group to learn about new technology, web development, and software engineering. Stay ahead of the curve with a tight-knit tech community.

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Achieve your career goals

Start a group for professional networking to meet fellow entrepreneurs or people who share your interest in business, marketing, real estate, and more. Connect and get ahead.

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Practice your passions

Whether you love books, writing, drawing, and painting, or gaming, music, and dancing, you can start a group to make your passions a regular part of your life.

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Find your people

Make time for your interests and meet people who share them. Lasting connections are made on Meetup.

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