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Loban for Congress Kick-Off Dinner

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Come out to Castle Rock and support the kick-off of our campaign for Colorado's 4th Congressional District. More information can be found here:

Follow Jess on Twitter: @Loban4Colorado

The event tickets costs $25 a person before hand, $30 at the door. Ticket holders will be provided dinner from Guadalajara Restaurant.

By definition I would be described as a "small L" libertarian. I am clearly conservative in the realm of fiscal accountability, spending and limitation of Government. In the same hand, I could be considered an advocate for increased liberties in the area of civil and social freedoms. I hold a neutral stance on social pursuits that do not harm another individual. Regardless of my personal beliefs, It simply comes down to the fact that I absolutely do not believe that it is any concern of the Federal Government to dictate our social interchanges.

In any issue or decision, the first question that must be asked is: "Does this impose force on anyone?" The second question is then: "Does this increase or decrease Liberty?" If you can answer these two questions clearly, then you can appropriately consider the legislation. If you cannot clearly or correctly answer these questions, then it is simply another example of more restriction and encumbrance. This is what has become the mainstay of Washington, and why I am running for Congress.

Protection of Rights and limitation of the Federal Government are the basics. I actively defend our First Second and Fourth Amendment Rights. I believe that an armed and informed society is a safe society. Our Right to Free Speech is under constant assault, and the Federal Government is doing all that it can to encroach on the privacy and freedom of its citizens.

Enough is enough. . . It is time that we send a clear message to the R & D parties that we will no longer accept any compromise of our core values. We will not tolerate the restriction of Life, Liberty or the Property of the citizens of this country any longer. We are Free and we are Responsible. We don't need constant supervision and intervention. Please log out of our email and turn the camera feeds off. . . This is a Nation of intelligent and capable INDIVIDUALS that can accomplish great and wonderful things. I hold great faith in the Individual, and I believe that they can govern themselves and care for one another.


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