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This group is for anyone who has adventure running through their blood, the group is open to anyone who has some time mid weekday afternoon. The ideas that I would have would be walking or cycling with tea or a pub at the end, Museums or galleries, Card or board games, Theatre or films, maybe a spot of mountaineering. There will be no bunji jumping!!!!!

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Hidden East End, Bow.

Stepney Green Tube Station

We have not done this walk before as it links to one that we have. As usual there are many things to discover, including a couple of cemeteries, a historic match factory and a fine statue dedicated to Clem Attlee. I know these things don't sound too exciting, but I assure you that they are! There will be a £2 meet up charge for this walk. We will end the walk with a chat and drink at a local pub to calm down from all the excitement.

20 churches, 2 Temples and I'll even throw in a prison.

We won't go into all 20 Churches but will enter the most interesting ones. Britain's Churches, particularly the protestant ones, are, architecturally speaking, its crowning glories, and wherever we are in the countryside it is to the local church we first repair. In the City they jostle with the latest monstrosities of concrete and glass, islands of beauty in an area much occupied with the worship of mammon. In some ways the legacy of churches is due to history - reformations and counter reformations - but it also pays a debt to Britons' quiet paganism. Britain is not a religious country and cherishes its pagan myths as much as its christian ones - many churches are simply pagan temples with a spire - this is their beauty. Walking the city churches is as close as you will get to the spirit of old England. So come for a taste of olde londinium. The charge for this walk will be £3 (sorry, it had to go up sooner or later! It worked out later) As usual we will end the walk for refreshments at the local pub.

London Legalities part 2

Knights Templar (Wetherspoons)

The Inns of Court in London are the professional associations for barristers in England and Wales. There are four Inns of Court – Gray's Inn, Lincoln's Inn, Inner Templeand Middle Temple. We have previously been to the inner Temple and Middle temple, so today we'll visit Grays Inn and Lincolns Inn. All barristers must belong to one of them. They have supervisory and disciplinary functions over their members. The Inns also provide libraries, dining facilities and professional accommodation. Each also has a church or chapel attached to it and is a self-contained precinct where barristers traditionally train and practise, although growth in the legal profession, together with a desire to practise from more modern accommodations, caused many barristers' chambers to move outside the precincts of the Inns of Court in the late 20th century. We will visit another Inn after the walk for a social time. There will be a £3 meet up charge for this walk.

One what I made up😁

moorgate station

Amongst the highlights on this walk will be some of the best preserved parts of London Wall, Bunhills fields where many well known people are buried and Wesley's Chapel which has a lovely museum and one of the last working Victorian toilets in London, in case anyone is caught short. I will endeavour to organise a interesting route. There will be a £3 meet up charge for the walk. As usual we shall finish the afternoons entertainment in a pub.

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Museum of London Treasure Hunt

Barbican Tube Station

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