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What we’re about

This meetup is for anyone who wishes to actively explore the dream worlds with true spiritual intent--to get closer to, and eventually merge with, God/Self. (OR getting to know yourself and pursuing your true missions in this life--same thing!) Lucid dreaming is something that to some extent, anyone can "learn" to do, although much of the time it happens on its own. Come gain greater understanding of this esoteric practice in a well-facilitated, supportive atmosphere, among other seekers with similar interests, some of whom will certainly be more experienced in the higher realms and willing to share their tips and perspectives. ALL dreams involve a certain level of awareness, which CAN  be increased, and which in any case contain valuable messages in the universal, metaphoric/symbolic language that dreams speak. The most valuable thing we do, whatever the lucidity level, is usinbg proven methodologies to fathom those messages and apply them in our waking lives! Dreams are a primary means we all share for greater potential self-inquiry, transformation, and fining our way home to the Supreme Being.

Blessings to you in the meantime, and may Morpheus (Greek God of dreaming) grant you many powerful experiences.

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