What we're about

Welcome to Luminous Ground, or LG for short. LG was founded to enable exploration of meditation and Buddhist teachings in Toronto in an atmosphere of lightness, openness, non-judgement, and safety. We try to bring curiosity, fun, and passion to the learning of spiritual methods.

No prior experience is necessary to attend. All are welcome, whether you are curious and starting to explore, already have a meditative practice, or are interested in training to become a meditation instructor.

Luminous Ground caters to people who are interested in meditation/mindfulness/Buddhism taught in a Western style. It is an interactive class format, there is usually interaction with other members in the group, so it's not just sitting meditation all the time. The group provides a space to ask questions and try out new practices.

We learn from all the main schools of Buddhism – Theravadin(Vipassana), Mahayana(Zen), and Vajrayana(Tibetan). If you don’t know what those mean, don’t worry about it. It just means we learn and explore from all the main Buddhist teachings and lineages.
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