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What we're about

We are a very diverse group who are looking to make friends, converse, and have fun over food, cocktails, or coffee. While we started out as a lunch group, we have expanded to other meals (breakfast), plus happy hours and coffee meetups.

We also have special events and activities which may include movies, brunch, poker, museums, theater, comedy shows, skating, game shows, hiking, picnics, or other recreational activities. We love the diversity of our group and hope it continues to grow. We accept all kinds. Join us!

Additional Information:

1. 3 no call/no shows and you're out. None of us enjoy waiting for people that never show up. We all run late from time to time and sometimes we all have to cancel. Be courteous and let us know when this happens. Very few people are living without smart phones these days.

2. We try to take pictures at every meetup to show we are real people. We will also tag you. If you have any issues with having your picture taken, let us know in advance.

3. For lunch, we usually meet at 12:30-1 and are finished at around 2-2:30. We average roughly 6-8 people at lunch. Otherwise, it would probably end a little earlier. If you need to leave before 2:00, we can ask to get your bill early.

4. From time to time, we may require a $5 - $10 fee to RSVP for our lunch events. This will be done to discourage flakes. If you show up and/or officially cancel 24 hours prior, the fee will be returned to you. Other events like boating, movies, etc., may not have a refund policy.

5. There is a $6 annual membership fee (good for 12 months). This is to cover the costs to host the meetups. This group was NOT created to make money but rather to make friends. So, if there are any remaining funds at the end of each year from the dues, I will use it to host a party and/or pay for our lunch.

6. Jialing is the lead organizer of the group, with others occasionally filling in for events. We will do everything we can to make you feel welcome and included in the group. Please let us know how we can make the group better for you!

We look forward to meeting you!

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