Canceled Meetup

Time to attend a Talk Show

Price: $10.00 /per person

Location visible to members


I was contacted by the audience coordinator from CBS. She wanted to invite us to attend the Jeff Probst daytime talk show. (The host of 'Survivor') I need to provide her with a 'head count' in the next 2 weeks. To limit the number of flakes, I will be charging $10 to RSVP. I expect we will carpool again, but we can plan more details when the time gets closer.

It is suggested to wear bright colors, and stay away from white and busy patterns, dress as if you are going out for a date, better yet dress to impress. Free snacks are provide in the party room, but if we want to purchase food, it would be before we attend the show. Typically there is a food truck outside at the gate if we want to get something quick and easy. Once I send her the number of people, we are guaranteed a spot in the show. The more the merrier.

See below for more details:

There’s a new show taping in town! Jeff Probst, the Emmy Award-winning host of "Survivor" has a daytime talk show and we are taping our show in Hollywood!

“The Jeff Probst Show” offers a wide range of topics, provocative conversation, compelling real life drama, candid celebrity revelations, audience participation and unexpected adventures!! And, we want people in the audience that are up for an adventure too! We are looking for audience members to be part of a fun and interactive experience.

There is a party room before the show where our guests have access to massage chairs, a photo booth and plenty of snacks and music! Check out our party room here:

The show tapes on Wednesdays and Thursdays with a time commitment of 9am-12pm for one show, or 12:30pm-5:00pm for two shows.