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The Las Vegas Electronic Dance Meetup (LVEDM) is for all people who love EDM! No discrimination, if you love EDM come and join us. No one ever has to party alone! This group is here for us to get together and remember why this music came about: PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect).

Active members are what make the group grow! The more active we are in the community the more deals we are able to get the group. The goal is to get to the point where we are not only going to the best events in LV and Cali, but throwing our own. Your organizers want to make it happen and take care of you. Just show up and let us do the rest!

Please note these 4 points to join and stay a part of the group:

Please have one photo that is a clear recognizable shot of your face (no shades, extreme makeup, Photoshop, etc.)
Please answer all of the profile questions. (N/A or random characters do not count)
You must visit the group page at least once every 6 months.
If you have 3 no shows when you RSVP'd you will be removed.

Upcoming events (2)

Hotel Party at Southpoint Casino
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Update: Per a bit of checking on prices i will be looking into Southpoint. The have an awesome suite measuring 2000 square feet. I am going to see if I can network a deal. If we get up to 50 people at $30 a piece we will cover the room and I can get drinks for the event as there is a bar in the room. So respond on the event page. Who would be interested in a mansion/hotel party?!? House parties have always been fun for the group. Everyone has a great time and really lets their hair down. Also it allows newer members to the group or people who have not been out with the group before a chance to get to know the group better without the craziness of the big clubs. Not to mention we have an amazing group of DJs who bring the beats hard. I think it would also be interesting to do a theme at this event. Just something that could unify us and allow people to create a character and really get into it! Please comment with ideas! To make this successful we would need at least 50 plus members who were interested; there would be a per person fee (to cover the cost of renting the "mansion"and paying a cleaning service; as far as the picking of a date I am thinking summertime) that would allow the maximum number of members to come. Right now there is no date set. This "event" is being sent to see if the group is interested.

Electronica In the Park!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hey LVEDM! We need to get together and have an amazing time together and listen to some beats. Also we are a continuously growing group and I would love to see newer members come out and join us for a good time. While pondering on these facts I had a thought; something that would be different, fun, welcoming, and an open format. "Electronica at the Park"!!! I think we should do a fun day at the park with DJs, dancing, fun, and possibly food! This event does not have a date and is in idea stage. Wanted to see who was interested and then plan from there. Thoughts ideas and suggestions, let me know!!! Keep it PLUR!!!

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Shifta's Soiree - "IGLOO DISCO"

Needs a location


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