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m3 - How 2 Invent To Manufacture In Germany.

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[This edition will be in English 🇬🇧 again]

How do you get your (idea) invention prototyped and eventually manufactured?

Don’t be the “fool" who walks around with an idea only.

Be the inventor with entrepreneurial spirit who walks around with several prototypes: the old and super ugly prototype, the nice and polished prototype and the exciting new one that looks even worse ;-).

a) But how do you go about it? b) Do you outsource the initial engineering for the prototypes? c) Or could you do it yourself? If so, d) where is your laboratory? And, e) what kind of prototype is enough? Must your prototype f) already function as the final product or g) does the MVP methodology from web development apply for hardware as well? And last but not least, h) is your prototype the actual “blueprint” for manufacturing?

You see, there are lots of incredibly interesting questions with answers worth entrepreneurial gold.

At m3, we seek out to connect talents from the maker movement (hardware & digital startups) with the traditional but powerful manufacturing industry, to answer such important questions for the shared passion in innovation, making and manufacturing.

Another beauty of m3 is that it's an community initiative! Do you know of industry experts who could help answer these questions? Please let us know in the comments or via PM. We will try everything to get the best of the best to each and every of our m3 events.



• Presentation by Benjamin Körber

• Presentation by Alireza Barjesteh

• Presentation Slot 3 [TBA]

• Panel Discussion

• Extensive Q&A with beers or a little wine

• Networking



Benjamin Körber, 38, „real Berliner“, diploma from WHU Koblenz in business administration.

Joined family business (automotive supplier for machined aluminum parts) in 2002. Diversified this business in Berlin, opened US facility, exited in 2010 with >20 million turnover and >200 people. Directly started new business with father, based on loss-making subsidiary with then ten employees. 6 years later: leading supplier of highly complex CNC-machined parts and assemblies for customers with scientific research, engineering, medical or aerospace backgrounds – and startups.


Alireza Barjesteh founder of Motobicycles-36 UG.

From the street for the street. Alireza Barjesteh has lived in Kreuzberg for 20 years and since then has ridden BMX, Flatland to be precise. He has embodied urban bike culture since before the term even existed and still embodies it today. It is in the heart of Kreuzberg that the idea was born: to develop a light and functional pedal , which meets all the needs of an “urbanista”. Large contact areas, optimum grip even in wet conditions and aesthetically minimalist. In cooperation with product designers, professional cyclists, aerospace engineers, as well as specialists from the fields of composite, timber and metal, this concept could be successfully developed and produced in Germany. It is a success story of know-how and teamwork. Every detail has been carefully and consistently considered in this product, helping to make cycling a better experience for everyone.


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