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Makers & Manufacturers Meetup (Berlin)
Makers & Manufacturers Meetup (Berlin)
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• Doors Open + Food & Drinks + Mingling

• Intro

• 1. Speaker: ​Patrick Baudisch, Professor in Computer Science at Hasso Plattner Institute
Showcasing 3 Wearables Technologies.

• 2. Speaker: Enri C. Strobel, Founder, CEO at HorseAnalytics GmbH
Building wearables for Horses.

• 3. Speaker: Gerrit Spaas, Founder at Trivisio Prototyping GmbH
Building a better Google Glass - made in Germany!

• 4. Speaker: Thomas Gnahm, Founder and Director of Wear It Berlin UG
Organizing the first ever wearable tech festival in Berlin.

• Networking



Join us for an evening of networking and discussion around the manufacture of #wearables in Germany.

As always, when we target a specific production category at m3, we really want to highlight that Germany is globally renowned for its manufacturing, especially car and machine manufacturing.

Insiders know that we manufacture much more than *just* cars or machines. There are lots of niches, and often times just special parts from so called Hidden Champions that originate from Germany.

Is there than any chance for the wearables category to be perceived as *best* if Made in Germany? With the wearable market projected to heat up to $5.8 billion in 2018 alone, Germany could be tempted to dominate a chunk of this market as well.

What would it take to make this work? Do wearables just have to be cheap, or could the interplay of hardware with software, privacy and branding become the unique selling proposition?
Watches Made in Switzerland still sound so legit to me, why is that? Could we replicate such a brand awareness for wearables Made in Germany?

As we talk wearables, what must be considered when the device will be worn on skin? How should it feel to be perceived as qualitative? These are questions related to materials and they aren’t made simply. How do you choose all the smarts (electronics, sensors, etc.) for batch 1, that will very likely change already for batch 5, or sooner. Is the assembly of tightly packaged, sometimes oddly shaped wearables possible in Germany (or Europe)? Or is China “unbeatable” at this essential step of the production?

These are just a few of the questions we are preparing around the manufacture of wearables. Do you have more? Can you help answer them?

If so, I hope to see many of you at this m3 to explore this exciting topic together!

Much thanks goes to the Berlin Wearable Technology and Fashiontech Meetup, who is co-hosting this edition with us. Learn more about them here (https://www.meetup.com/Berlin-Wearable-Technology/) and obviously at the event itself.

Lutz Villalba
Organizer of m3, and Head of Growth at www.onlinekunststoffwerk.de (http://www.onlinekunststoffwerk.de/)


At the makers & manufacturers - tech - meetup (m3), we connect talents from the maker movement (hardware & digital startups) and the powerful manufacturing industry.

The meetup format equals community! And community involves You! Do you know of industry experts who could help answer one of the major questions of this edition? If so, let us know in the comments or via PM.