Jan 2nd: US Reimbursement Bootcamp- Advanced Strategies


David Farber presentation: http://bit.ly/2sov5G1

January 1st will see a fundamental transformation in US medical reimbursement (http://bit.ly/2YWlYbt), particularly in digital health. That includes 394 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code changes, 248 new codes, 71 deletions and 75 revisions.

David Farber (http://bit.ly/2DFnvJ1), Head of the FDA and Reimbursement Practice at King & Spalding in Washington DC, will lead a workshop for medtech and digital health companies seeking US reimbursement. He brings 30+ years of experience in US Healthcare reimbursement, lobbying and FDA regulatory issues. He was also long-time counsel to former Congressman and Vice Presidential nominee, Jack Kemp (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Kemp).

Title: US Reimbursement Workshop- Advanced Strategies
Date: Thurs, Jan 2
Time: 9:15-11:30am
Venue: Google Campus, TLV
Address: 12 HaUmanim Street, Tel Aviv
Speaker: David Farber (https://www.kslaw.com/people/David-Farber)
Presentation: http://bit.ly/2sov5G1

See you on Thurs, Jan 2nd, 9:15am, for Reimbursement Bootcamp, Digital Health Focus, at Google Campus.