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MA Virtual Dating

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MA Virtual Dating


This is a FREE online virtual dating event, as a promotion to our matchmaking service. We are a matchmaking agency that can help you find your better half faster. We do background checks and interviews to avoid scams. The virtual dating link will ONLY be sent to those who are vetted, so please make sure you sign up here at least 5 days before the event.

Procedure for the virtual dating:
1. Provide your basic info for a free background check from the link
2. A link of a webpage containing male attendees’ infos will be sent to female attendees, and the ladies let us know whom they want to talk to.
3. We ask the gentlemen if they agree.
4. In the Zoom meeting, we assign attendees to Zoom breakout rooms according to the preliminary matches for a speed dating of 5 minutes.
5. If you both feel great you can exchange your contact info, or you can let us know after the meeting, and if the other side agrees we will send you the contact info.

Topics during the dating for your reference: what interesting movies/TV shows did you watch recently? What interesting book did you read lately? Anything fun today or this week? What superpower do you wish you could have? What’s your favorite sport? What’s your favorite food? Any plan to travel? What calms you down when you’re upset? …or anything proper.
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