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Rock rescue practice at Cosumnes River Gorge

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We will work on self-rescue and team rescue skills on a small, easily accessible wall at Cosumnes River Gorge. To practice these complex and potentially dangerous techniques safely, we will work in teams and use top-rope belays at all times. We will cover as many techniques as we can; if we run out of time, Part II will be held at a later date. Proposed agenda:

Part I
- Belaying and lowering a climber from above
- Passing a knot when lowering a climber from above
- Passing a knot on rappel
- Tandem rappel with injured climber
- Simul-rappel

Part II
- Escaping belay from below and ascending the rope to the climber
- Counterbalance rappel
- Escaping belay from above and rappelling to the climber
- Hauling a climber from above with a pulley system

Please note: This is advanced self-training for experienced climbers. Please read the pre-requisites carefully and make sure you meet them all. No instruction in anchoring, climbing, or rappelling will be provided. Please RSVP to the waitlist; event organizer will select the participants.

Group size:
Maximum 4 climbers, with two people practicing and the other two providing backup belays at all times.

Ability to construct solid multi-point belay and top-rope anchors
Ability to rappel safely with appropriate backups
Ability to belay and lower a climber, from above or from below
Knowledge of all standard knots and hitches including prussik, klemheist, autoblock, Bachman, Munter/mule/overhand, clove hitch, etc.

Gear (for each climber):
A small selection of rock pro (enough for 1 multi-point belay anchor)
1 or 2 cordelettes
Plenty of slings and cord loops for anchors and friction hitches
Plenty of locking and non-locking carabiners
3 single ropes per 4 climbers
Harness, belay device, helmet, headlamp, all the usual climbing gear
(A comfortable rock-climbing harness is recommended; you may be hanging for a long time when playing injured climber).

This is a privately organized event unaffilliated with SMC