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Mt. Clark NW Arete / Ridge Traverse

You’ve seen it from afar - it deserves every bit of attention it gets. That knife-like ridge with a twist seen in the distance in the Yosemite High Country. Here’s your chance to climb it all in one swift shot.

TO FEDERAL AND STATE LAND USE AGENCIES, OUR MEMBERS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC: Sierra Mountaineering Club is a 501(c)7 not-for-profit social and recreational club. Our mission to be a community where people connect, learn and climb together. This is an official club-sponsored outing which is open to the public and free of charge, and is within all federal and state land agency policies for non-commercial use. If you have questions about our mission or operations please read all provided information in this posting. If you would like to contact the club, call the SMC Executive Director at (916) 872-3399 or



• HOW TO REGISTER: Please read all the content of this posting, then if you are interested in attending, see below

• COST: Free.

• DATES: July 25 - 27th

• ROUTES: NW Arete, Class 4 and SE Arete, Class 4

• LOCATION: Yosemite National Park - via Glacier Point Road. Driving directions: if you’re coming from the North entering YNP from 120 or 140, you will head toward the Village and turn right onto 41 toward Wawona just before reaching the village. You will then make a left on Glacier Point Road. If you’re coming from the south entering YNP on 41, turn onto Glacier Point Road about 10 miles before you reach the Valley. We will park at the Mono Meadow Trailhead on the right side of the road

• OUTING LEADERS: Rob Ritchey (, Mike (

• MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM GROUP SIZE: Minimum 3, maximum 8

• CLIMBING SKILLS REQUIREMENTS: In order to be best prepared to climb safely and effectively, participants should be able to climb and descend mid-5th class rock, know how to belay, tie-in and climb on a fixed line. RCK 1 and RCK 2 proficiency levels are recommended.

• FITNESS AND DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Overall this outing best fits in the "Difficult" category (



Friday, July 25: We will meet at the Mono Meadow Trailhead at 10am. From there, we will begin our approach to Mt Clark which is just under 10 miles to the Northeast. We will set up basecamp somewhere on the Southwestern side of Mt Clark.

Saturday, July 26 : Saturday morning, we will get an early start and plan to climb the 4th/5th class route of the NW Arete with a complete ridge traverse, descent via the SE Arete and then return to base camp.

Sunday, July 27: We will return to the cars at Mono Meadow and return home.




• Wicking, breathable base layers, top and bottom

• Insulating, weather-resistant mid layer, top and bottom

• Wind and waterproof shell layer, top and bottom

• Socks, liners

• Sunglasses* or goggles

• Sun hat


• 2 or 3 person 3+ season tent, to share with the group

• 30-65 liter backpack

• Sleeping bag and pad

• Trekking poles if preferred

• Food

• Water bottles or containers

• Mug / bowl and spoon

• Headlamp and extra batteries

• Map and compass

• Small knife

• Sunscreen

• Camera

• Personal items, medications, etc.


• Hiking / Approach shoes, Rock shoes if preferred

• Harness

• Hard shell climbing helmet

• Locking and non-locking carabiners

• Two 48" sewn slings

• Loop of 5mm cord / prussik

• Belay device

*If you are without some of this important safety gear, it may be available for loan upon prior request, first-come, first serve.

For help in selecting the appropriate item, please refer to the SMC Detailed Clothing, Equipment and Gear List (



• This event is free of charge and available to the public. In order to attend, you must register for free with the Sierra Mountaineering Club so that you can place your name on the interest list.

• Outing leaders are board-approved volunteers who are not compensated for their time and effort. All SMC Outing Leaders are volunteers and accordingly, our leaders do not accept gratuities.

• The club receives no financial gain for organizing and supporting this club outing. Donations are not solicited on club outings, nor is any exchange of money a requirement for participation. The outing is truly free to all qualified persons.

• Non-commercial wilderness, camping and /or backcountry permits have been acquired within the posted group size limits for this area, and will be carried with our party in the backcountry. Should you wish to inquire about such permits, please contact the SMC Executive Director at (916) 872-3399 or

• Any fees associated with this outing are those that individuals would have incurred had they done this event themselves, or are legitimate group costs such as housing and pre-arranged transportation. Any excess funds will be returned to trip participants.

• All SMC outings practice established Leave No Trace principles to be good stewards of our public lands and wilderness areas.

• Participant safety is our top priority. The itinerary described reflects the planned route, however circumstances beyond the leader's control, including weather, may necessitate changes.

• The outing begins and ends at the trailhead. SMC does not have insurance for ridesharing arrangements and assumes no liability for them; carpooling, ride sharing, or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among the drivers and riders.

• SMC carries radios, adequate medical kits, and requires all leaders to have current first aid and CPR training as well as specific technical climbing, leadership and SMC policy training



Club climbing outings are open to all and free of charge. After a conservative self-assessment, if you believe you can contribute to the safety and success of this outing and would like to be considered, please indicate your interest on the official outing posting on

If you do not have an SMC membership, you can get one that allows you to join outings only. Visit the official SMC website and complete a member profile for free ( This will then allow you to indicate your interest on the official outing posting on .

1. Visit the official SMC website , or if you already are a member, go to step 3.

2. Complete all the portions of the member profile

3. Place your name on the interest list: www.sierramountaineeringgroup/events (

HOW SELECTIONS WORK: A few weeks prior to the outing, the leaders will select team members based on relevant experience, skill level, fitness, and teamwork, while keeping an eye toward achieving a balanced mix of individuals. Those that are selected will be notified via email. Out of courtesy, if you are unable to attend, please notify the outing leader as soon as possible. You can check the status of your attendance on the event posting on Meetup.


Sierra Mountaineering Club endorses the principles of LEAVE NO TRACE and expects all participants to follows the following procedures on public lands.
We Plan Ahead and Prepare By:
· Checking with local public land agencies
· Conducting research to know the area and what to expect
· Encouraging ride sharing to the trailhead
· Planning travel distances and activities
· Being prepared for emergencies and changing conditions
· Selecting the proper equipment for our activities and know how to use them
· Conducting trainings to increase the safety of our teams
We Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces By:
· Concentrating trail use in popular areas
· Hiking on existing trails to minimize impacts to soils and wildlife
· Selecting an appropriate campsite 200 feet from water and trails
· When selecting a backcountry campsite, choosing one with a durable surface
· When going off-trail, spreading our use to avoid trampling vegetation
We Pack It In and Pack It Out By:
· Reducing litter at the source by minimizing packaging
· Carrying out all trash, no matter how small
We Properly Dispose of What We Can't Pack Out By:
· Disposing of urine properly on rocks or durable surfaces
· Burying human feces in a cathole 6 inches deep at least 200 feet from water, trails and campsites.
· Carrying out solid waste in areas where required
· Carrying out all used toilet paper and personal sanitary products
· Keeping cooking and waste away from water sources
· Understanding and following all regulations for bear country
We Minimize Use and Impact of Fires By:
· Using portable camp stoves for cooking
· If fires are permissible and necessary for warmth or safety, using a mound fire
We Leave What We Find By:
· Respecting wildlife
· Minimizing campsite alterations - we believe good campsites are found, not made
· Avoiding damaging live trees and plants
· Leaving natural and cultural artifacts
We Are Considerate of Others By:
· Choose secluded camps and less popular areas to climb
· Taking rests in areas not visible from the trail
· Traveling in the smallest groups possible

Unlike SMC, the following are certified guide services. Our partners in climbing offer amazing adventures in the Sierra and beyond:
Shasta Mountain Guides ( -
Sierra Mountain Center ( -
Mountain Adventure Seminars ( -
Alpine Skills International ( -
Sierra Mountaineering International ( -
Sierra Mountaineering Club is a 501(c)7 not-for-profit social and recreational mountaineering club. We partner with the USDA Forest Service, National Parks, State Parks, The Bureau of Land Management or private land owners to provide this opportunity. Our mission to be a community where people connect, learn and climb together.

For more information or questions, please contact the listed event leaders.