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Documentary -- "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial"

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The event room at Fresh Market ( got excellent reviews the last time we used it as a venue, so we're going to use it again, this time to view the documentary "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial ("

This NOVA documentary includes numerous interviews with Dr. Eugenie Scott (, former director of the National Center for Science Education ( Dr. Scott is going to be a presenter Friday, April 8, at the Freethought Festival (, and this is a great opportunity to learn a bit about the topic of her presentation prior to that. (Her talk is entitled, "What if Intelligent Design had won in Dover?," referring to the Kitzmiller vs. Dover ( case.)

Please arrive around 6:30 to get your food/beverages from downstairs, and then join other skeptics in the upstairs event room. (Food options include a hot food bar, salad bar, sushi, and tasty deli options, while beverages range from soda and fresh squeezed juices to beer, wine and more.)

At 7:00, we'll start the film, and I'm sure that will be followed by some lively discussion. (Note: Judgment Day is 112 minutes long, twice as the length of the average Nova documentary, in case that helps anyone plan for their evening.)

Hope to see folks there! :-)

703 University Avenue · Madison, WI