The Summer of Our Lives: Evolution and Shagging

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June is the traditional month for weddings, which, as Christian fundamentalists continually assure us, are required as part of God’s plan for the procreation of humanity. As is so often the case from such sources, this gets it laffably backward. Left to our own impulses, we humans would breed like bunnies, starting as soon as puberty sets in and keeping it up as long as, well, we could keep it up. The main thing that marriage does is slow the whole process down, as the participants are expected to take the time to jump thru various socially imposed hoops before they can get to the fun part. And even then it’s not just welcome to all, ahem, comers; oh no, you’re supposed to stick to just the Biblically approved arrangement. And, according to the TBs’ favorite piece of fanfic, based on the practices of Solomon (wisest man of antiquity and much beloved of Yahweh), that’s strictly limited to one man and no more than 700 wives and 300 concubines.

So, since God is supposed to be all-powerful and could just make as many people as he wants any time he feels like it, why did he set up this fascinating process of needing nooky to propagate the species — a process which, by amazing coincidence, is what every other vertebrate on the planet also uses? Fortunately, the complete story is available in “How God Invented Sex”, a 13-minute animated video from DarkMatter2525:

You are encouraged to watch the video ahead of the discussion, which will get into a cost-benefit analysis of sexual vs. asexual reproduction, the proper place of sex in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and how religions establish and maintain control over people by making them feel dirty about what everybody knows they all do all the time.

The Atheist Lounge will tackle these questions on, as usual, the last Thursday of the month. Order food and drink at 7 PM, with short presentation starting about 30-45 minutes thereafter, and plenty of open discussion after that.