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2-Minute Christianity

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2-Minute Christianity


Bob Seidensticker is a long-time atheist blogger, first at the Christian website, then Galileo Unchained, then with Cross Examined on Patheos, and now under his own byline on OnlySky: And he’s taken the highlights of those many years of blogging and boiled them down into an intentionally slim hundred-page book called 2-Minute Christianity: 50 Big Ideas Every Christian Should Understand. Each of its 50 chapters deals with a particular issue in Christianity, on 2 facing pages, intended to be read in about 2 minutes. The book’s unusual layout — with little notes, definitions, cross-references, and quotations off to the side of each page — is part of its appeal.

Here’s how Bob explains the book:

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It’s aimed at open-minded Christians who think that, if Christianity is true, it can stand a little critique. Here are some of the big ideas explored in it:
• #30: God gave Moses two very different versions of the Ten Commandments.
• #14: God defined the rules for indentured servitude and chattel slavery, the same two forms of slavery found in the early United States.
• #35: The Bible documents its own evolution from polytheism to monotheism.
• #36: The “virgin-birth prophecy” referred to in Matthew wasn’t about Jesus and wasn’t even about a virgin birth.
• #46: The God of the Bible was once defeated by another Canaanite god.

The ideas are significant; they aren’t trivial Bible contradictions or copying errors. Each is a fundamental puzzle that questions Christian claims, and each can be read in a few minutes.

The book is in the middle of a slow-motion release. The book and ebook are available now ...
... and I’m giving away the content, one chapter per week for 50 weeks, through the book’s blog ...
... podcast ...
... and YouTube channel ...

You can sign up for email notification of each new chapter’s posting on the blog, which also answers common questions in the FAQ.

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What do we Madison Skeptics think? Successful approach? Or just another attempt to reason with the unreasonable, therefore doomed to failure?

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