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Website Building Workshop No Coding Skills Required!
RSVP HERE NOW: Are you still thinking how to generate more money using the Internet? Do you feel you need to Up your Freelancer Skills? Are you looking to generate more sales through your website? Have you implemented latest click funnel to convert leads to more paying customers? Having a website is not enough, using the right design elements along with SEO and speed optimizations have proven to increase conversions by up to 10x within the first month. 1. The right on-site SEO gives you the visibility and traffic helping you reach all your potential customers by leveraging channels like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. 2. 90% mobile users abandon a website and never return if the website does not load under 5 secs or is not mobile responsive. Pretty shocking right? You know what? It’s something I learnt and implemented for over 8 years with clients globally. There are other agencies who charge a BOMB to build these websites however, they fail to make the desired impact. Well, this shouldn’t be the case, here’s why: 1. You can speed up the loading time of your website by using a content delivery network like Cloudflare. 2. You can implement SEO on your site within an hour by using tools like Yoast, All in One SEO, Google Analytics etc. 3. Make your website secure from hackers by installing a “FREE for life” SSL certificate within 15 mins! Combining Design with Technology, Purpose & Intuition, using secrets from spirituality helps you achieve results that you always only dreamed of. Now isn’t that impressive? Here’s what you must know. If your current agency is still charging you a hefty price to keep your site up and running, understand this, you are not alone. And it’s certainly not your fault, either. However, it’s your responsibility to take back control over your online presence, and you don’t even need to know coding in order to do so. This is exactly why I have created this boot-camp where, I will be showing you the nitty-gritties of designing highly optimized and user-friendly websites. !This is important so pay attention! To make the maximum impact online you have to learn how to build and maintain your own website. You don’t have to be a pro coder, designer or a marketeer, you just need to know how to use the right tools in your favor. This bootcamp is designed to target specifically that for you. Makes Sense? The good news is that in this boot-camp I will share the ultimate checklists, resources, tips and techniques which I’ve developed from 8 years of practicing web design, digital marketing & neuro marketing skills & that's not it, We will add you to our all exclusive MadTribe Family which gives you access to top Industry Mentors, Investors & Peers. You can feel safe & secure, whenever you face a roadblock you know the family is here to help you sail smoothly through the tough waters. RSVP HERE NOW:

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