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What we’re about

The Order of the Blue Rose is an ancient Lineage of the Rose that is currently awakening in the Hearts of Many. It is a lineage connected to Mary Magdalene, Yeshua (Jesus), Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Isis, St. Germain and the Angelic Realms. It's Mysteries are of the Divine Feminine Nature and the Awakening of the Sacred Heart so that all shall know Peace, Love, Compassion and Truth as we walk this precious Earth. This group is for all that feel called to this Lineage of will know if you are called as you may feel chills or an indication of truth throughout your body as you read this Invitation. Together we will explore these Mysteries in monthly transmissions that will assist in the Ascension of Humanity and our Beloved Mother Earth. We will nourish and nurture the Light that shines brightly in each of us as we become as Beacons of Wisdom, Truth, Love and Compassion and Remember the Divinity that is our True Nature. The Divine Mother is calling you My Children...Awaken Now.