Wat we doen

Project SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) aims to replace the current centralized and controlled Internet infrastructure into a fully decentralized and trustless network called The SAFE Network. A platform on which application developers can build decentralized applications. The SAFE network is made up by individual users who contribute storage, computing power and bandwidth to form a world-wide autonomous system. Throughout development the project's vision has been Privacy, Security and Freedom for all the world's population. It is believed that these goals can be instrumental in providing an Internet that is more inclusive and controlled by no individuals or companies.

Roles on the SAFE network:

You can become a farmer on the SAFE network:

For those of you who have decided to become farmers you will be able to provide your spare computing resource to the network later this year when the full network goes live. In order to earn safecoins you must provide more resource than you are using. For example, a farmer providing 10GB of storage and using 10Gb will not earn anything, whereas a farmer using 10GB and providing a 100Gb will.

But you can also become a application builder on the SAFE network:

Application developers on the SAFE network are called builders. If you're planning to build an application on the network you'll be rewarded automatically.

By introducing the SAFE network's very own crypto currency, safecoin, developers now finally have an Open Source business model that works. By coding your safe wallet ID into your application(s), the network will automatically pay safecoins to you based on how much the application is utilised by end users. No longer will app developers need to morph themselves into support experts or advertising resellers, you can now focus on making great applications with a revenue stream already built in.

Or maybe you want to be a core developer on the SAFE network:

Improvements to the codebase will be rewarded with safecoin, the currency of the SAFE network. The amount of safecoins awarded will initially be determined by polling the MaidSafe developer mailing list and payments will be allocated from the MaidSafe Foundation. 5% of all safe coins have been set aside for this purpose.