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Two-Day Bionutrient Rich Crop Production Workshop w/Dan Kittredge

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Dan Kittredge returns to Portland to offer his two-day intensive workshop on Bionutrient Rich Crop Production. When you enroll in this workshop you are signing up for both days: Thursday October 3rd and Thursday February 27.

This event will be of interest to farmers, gardeners, and anyone else who wants to grow and eat good deeply nutritious food from biologically active, mineral-rich soils.

Dan, lifelong Farmer and Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association (, will share his understanding and firsthand experiences utilizing a biological approach to crop production. He will also introduce ideas around "limiting factors to genetic potential."

Quality, nutritious food is the goal of this work. For context, consider that, from 1975 to 2010, the average nutritional values of the average crops have steadily declined:

• Broccoli has 54% less calcium,

• Cauliflower & Daikon no longer have measurable Vitamin A,

• Collard Greens have 81% less Iron!

This list goes on, but the trend is reversible. This introductory lecture will be followed by more in-depth workshops later in the fall and winter for those who want to dive deeper into the topic and the techniques.

The Bionutrient Rich Crop Production Workshop, as presented by the Bionutrient Food Association (BFA; (, is designed so that participants can learn the basic principles and practices of this form of biological and energetic farming and gardening, including discussion and identification of limiting factors to genetic potential. These Workshops ( ) are designed to inform and support participants to grasp and apply innovative and reliable principles and practices for producing more nutritious food crops, thus resulting in healthier lives. The learning focus of this series includes soil biology, mineralogy and energy dynamics, leading to an increase in the bionutrient level of your soil, an increase in the bionutrient level of your crops, as well as increasing the potential for greater yields, improved pest and disease resistance, and crops with better tolerance to extreme weather conditions.

This Workshop will begin with an analysis of participants' soil tests, then progress to discussions about cover crops, recommended soil amendments, and more, with an increasing depth of understanding about the multi-faceted nature of the biological system of the soil and the interaction that takes place between the soil, the air, the plants and our observations and interventions. Each session consists of a classroom-style discussion and hands-on demonstration and practice. Registrants will be expected to procure their own soil tests as desired, and instruction for interpreting those will be covered during the workshop. For a video outline of the Workshop topics, please visit the BFA's YouTube Channel: . This Workshop is also acknowledged by NOFA Organic Lawn Care to be 4 AOLCP credits, thus satisfying the annual continuing education requirement.

Cost: The cost of the workshops is $150 for the two full days. Substantial financial assistance is being offered by the Forrest C. & Frances H. Lattner Foundation to encourage farmer participation. This grant has been given in recognition of efforts to increase the supply of bionutrient-rich food as rapidly as possible in our region, and offers generous support for growers who wish to attend the course, but need assistance. For more information about financial assistance, please contact the course administrator,

What to Bring: A dish or beverage to share for lunch, a notebook, and your own potluck kit (bowl/plate/utensils/cup) for a zero waste event. Morning tea/coffee/snack will be provided.

More About Dan Kittredge:

Dan Kittredge Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association, Dan is the son of prominent leaders in the organic movement, and has been an organic farmer since childhood. His experience managing organic farms and developing sustainable agriculture techniques has connected him with farmers in Central America, Russia, India and the United States. Dan is passionate about raising the quality of nutrition in our food supply through collaboration with committed individuals and organizations that support growing and eating really good food.