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Plan for growing and sharing some Abundance this year!

Join us for a Fall Harvest Swap event! Like our Annual Plant Swap in the Spring, Fall Harvest Swap is a place to get together with other meetup members, share our abundance, learn about things and connect after a season of productive activity.

This is likely to be the same day as the Maine Tool Library's annual apple pressing and open house party in front of our plan to come and participate in both events!

What to Swap?

Garden surplus (squash, spuds, fruit, especially things that are good storage products - but fresh is good too!), canned, fermented and dehydrated foods, baked goods or prepared items (label all ingredients), herbal products (teas, tinctures, topicals), crafted goods (things that you made, sewed, painted, fabricated, etc.). Bring samples for people to try if you have extra to share!

The only items we are staying away from here would be industrially-manufactured goods, suitable for yard sales, etc.

How Does It Work?

Swap events are free, open to all, and have minimal rules. Space may be limited, so please take your RSVP seriously. The main idea behind the swap is that we are stepping outside of the cash economy and mutually "gifting" things to each other in a way that turns whatever we have in abundance into a diversity of goodness and goodwill.

When you arrive, you'll be asked to fill out a description card for each item you've brought to swap. These cards, along with swap items and samples, will be displayed on tables so we can all have a good look at what is on offer. After everyone has had a chance to wander around, swapping will begin.

Swap guidelines include:

No cash changes hands.

You can swap with someone or simply "gift" things to each other without taking a return item. Your choice.

Make sure you've found a home for all your stuff before you leave (or take home what hasn't been gifted).

Tips for Swap Items

Be sure your items are packaged and labeled appropriately.

Think in terms of "swapability" when it comes to portion sizes. For example, a loaf of bread, 8 oz. of jam, and a dozen eggs are all about equal.

Include ingredients lists and dietary notes (GF, vegan, potential allergens, etc).