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Our Community, Our Economy: Economic Democracy for Maine

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“Our Community, Our Economy: Economic Democracy for Maine” is a conference that will include a wide-ranging discussion of issues working toward the ideals and ideas of Economic Democracy. Moving from broad visions, we will develop practical actions and strategies.

Attendees will seek to connect many of the grassroots organizations, activist-minded academics, social and economic justice movements, Native people, immigrant organizations, environmental and sustainability movements, labor and worker organizations, grassroots political activists, cooperatives, land trusts, local food organizations, barter and trade networks and other people’s movements representing communities whose voice is not often heard in the mainstream.

Alliance for Economic Democracy (AED) wants to popularize the values and goals of their work as necessary ingredients to change the world of corporate capitalism to an economics of the people. We will use multiple intersectional participatory learning formats to explore cooperatives, local investment circles, community land trusts, divestment campaigns, food and water sovereignty, barter networks, time banking, alliance building, and more.

Come create an economy and environment for Maine people by beginning a dialogue on what we want our economy to be, who we want it to serve, and HOW to get there. Join AED on Saturday, November 10th in Augusta.

To register for the conference, please visit For more information please contact [masked] or call Larry at (207)[masked]