Nixtamalization: Unlocking the Flavor and Nutrition of Corn

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Nixtamalization is the ancient process of cooking corn in a alkaline solution, a process that makes the resulting foods more nutritious and improves flavor and texture. Some examples of foods made from nixtamalized corn are: tortillas, tamales, hominy and posole. In this workshop we will cover the chemistry and history of nixtamalization, then we will move to a hands on demonstration where we will go through the whole process from dry corn to tortillas, as well as a couple other finished dishes. Once the food is done we will share a community meal. Please bring your potluck kit (cup, plate, fork etc) and a dish to share. Kids welcome and included. If this workshop is not affordable to you please get in touch about a scholarship or work-trade option. Co-Sponsored by Gedakina.

Gedakina, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit. Our mission is a multigenerational endeavor to strengthen and revitalize the cultural knowledge and identity of Native American youth and families from across New England, and to conserve our traditional homelands and places of historical, ecological and spiritual significance.

Mihku Paul is a Maliseet writer and activist engaged in community organizing and outreach for Gedakina, Inc. She
facilitates a regular gathering for off-reservation urban Indigenous women in southern Maine.

Aaron Parker is a father, partner, plant person, educator and proprietor of Edgewood Nursery in Falmouth Maine. Find him on FB ( or the Edgewood web site (