• 2019 Maine Permaculture Design Certificate Course (5 Weekends @ MOFGA)

    MOFGA Common Ground Education Center

    Be part of creating a better future. Change the way you see the world. Join The Resilience Hub as it surpasses its 20th internationally-recognized Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course. This one-weekend-per-month format is ideal for anyone who would not typically be able to take two weeks off from life/work to take an “immersion” PDC. Our summer Maine PDC this year returns to MOFGA's Common Ground Education Center in Unity, Maine. The expansive campus and spacious buildings make for an ideal learning environment within traveling distance to many field trip sites. Course Dates (Please mark your calendar!): May 18-19, June 29-30, July 12-14, July 26-28, August 23-25. Note that some of these are 2-day weekends and some are 3-day weekends. Before you register, make sure you check our Sliding Scale Tiered Pricing structure (http://resiliencehub.org/pdc-sliding-scale/) for the PDC Tuition. Based on your household size and income, you will either be TIER #1, #2 or #3 which affects the total price you will pay for the PDC. The Resilience Hub is one of the most experienced permaculture design and education groups in the Northeast US, though there are many other great ones! We strive to achieve very high quality in our programs and are committed to continuous improvement. PDC Overview and General Information (http://resiliencehub.org/pdc-overview-general-info/) - Course Topics, Learning Environment, Teaching Team, Testimonials Choosing a PDC (http://resiliencehub.org/choosing-a-pdc/) - Learning Outcomes, Who Should Attend, Time Commitments, Career Pathways & more Course Logistics (http://resiliencehub.org/schedule-flow/) - Schedule & Flow, Food & Hospitality, Accommodation, Transportation, etc. Enrollment & Registration Details (http://resiliencehub.org/enrollment/) - Course Costs, Sliding Scale, Work Study & Discounts, Attendance Policy, etc. Our courses typically sell out so make sure you register and make a deposit to hold your space. Use this link to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-maine-permaculture-design-course-pdc-weekend-format-mofga-registration-50366719213

  • Bold Action in Uncertain Times: A Climate to Thrive

    Zero Station / The Resilience Hub


    This is part of a series of conversations the Resilience Hub is hosting about Climate Solutions. The Resilience Hub is excited to present Gary Friedmann of A Climate to Thrive for an evening discussion about broad-based educational programs to inform the public about what's at stake; and our grassroots initiatives to power homes, businesses, schools and town facilities with solar panels; improve building efficiency; re-invent local food systems; develop climate-friendly transportation; move toward zero waste; and influence public policy. We'll highlight the importance of collective action -- that to attack climate change we must engage in community initiatives, participating in city-wide projects that encourage broad engagement. As people experience success, engagement expands. Since the solution to climate change is too big for individuals to address on their own, the ultimate goal is to change institutions and policy at the state and national levels. A Climate to Thrive is a network of Mount Desert Island residents, businesses, and towns working together to achieve energy independence by 2030 and make MDI an inspiring epicenter of citizen engagement, sustainability, and economic vitality. We believe that communities are empowered when they set visionary goals and rally to achieve those goals. Decentralized, local, renewable energy solutions will reduce pollution, create new businesses, generate year-round jobs that pay a living wage, and bring the community together around the shared goal of preserving our environment. 5:30 - 6:00 - Gather for potluck refreshments - bring a snack or beverage to share and your own potluck kit [plate/napkin/cup/utensils] for a zero waste event. 6:00-7:30 - Presentation and Discussion 7:30 - Closing and Breakdown $5 suggested donation

  • Final Acts of Resilience: The Fine Art of Living and Dying in a Box

    Zero Station / The Resilience Hub


    Throughout centuries, Death has been honored with art, ritual and celebration. As vital as we are today, we will become ash, dust, compost for the next ones coming up. How can we look back at the ancient ways of letting go of loved ones, the artistry in wrapping the bodies in shrouds, with monuments to the heavens, memento mori and the gatherings in the parlor of friends and family with stories of laughter and joy, and move forward to the present of each day? Join Gina Colombatto and Chuck Lakin to build and embellish your own cremation urn. Not quite ready? A simple pine box holds ashes of your favorite pet or a loved one long passed. Paint, fabric, decoupage or photomontage personalize this holder of cremains for later (or use it as a cookie jar now!). We’ll spend the evening talking about death/dying, of what to do with these precious bodies when they no longer serve us, and of paperwork needed in Maine for easy home funerals. Exploring age-old traditions and global customs we’ll travel the globe and be inspired to see the varied arts that celebrate death and dying. $50 fee covers all materials and instruction. We are committed making our workshops accessible to everyone. If this class is not affordable to you, please get in touch about barter or scholarship opportunities. 5:30 - Potluck Refreshments and Gathering (bring a snack or beverage to share and your own potluck kit [plate/napkin/cup/utensils] for a zero waste event) 6:30 - 9:00 - Workshop 9:00 - Closing and Breakdown Gina Colombatto is a Health Educator and Integrated Thanatology Counselor, which means she studies all things related to life and death. She wants to bring normalcy back to death. Talking with groups of strangers at Death Cafes and in her studies of thanatology (thanatos = death), she has noticed that the more interaction we have with the subject of death and dying, the more conversations we can share of our personal experiences, the easier the process can be when one finds Death nearby. Chuck Lakin is a Woodworker and Home Funeral Educator, whose interest in this topic came from his experience at his father’s death. Without the knowledge and information about the options he had, he felt he missed out. Now, his goal is to share information needed to make informed plans and decisions before death, for a meaningful and smooth transition.

  • Public Orchard Day and Mt. Joy Permablitz

    Mount Joy Community Orchard

    Introducing Public Orchard Day -- always the Saturday before Mother's Day! Public Orchard Day is a celebration of food grown in community spaces. The Resilience Hub is partnering with Mt. Joy Orchard, Portland's largest community orchard and food forest, for this year's event. We plan to grow in future years to include other public orchard sites in Portland and around the state. 10 - 11 am: Annual Permaculture Plant Swap This year, the Resilience Hub's Annual Plant Swap will take place at the East End Community School -- park at the top of the hill. The Plant Swap is by far our biggest swap of the year. You're still welcome to bring other items but the focus this month is plants -- indoor plants, outdoor plants, seeds, perennials, annuals, fruit, whatever you've got to share. There will be tons to trade, and lots of great information being passed along. See the full event description here: https://www.meetup.com/maine-permaculture/events/260417278/?isFirstPublish=true 11 - 4 pm: Mt. Joy celebrates Public Orchard Day Join us after the plant swap for the opening permablitz of the season at Mt. Joy Community Orchard! We will be building soil by sheet mulching rows of trees, and planting trees and perennials. 11:00 - Opening Circle 11:15 - Work Party and Workshops 1:00 - Community Potluck Lunch. If you'd like, bring a dish to share! Also definitely bring personal drinking water containers and a "potluck kit" (plate, bowl, utensils). 2:00 - 3:30 - Work Party and Workshops 3:30 - 4:00 - Cleanup and Closing Circle There will be lots of opportunities to learn about the diverse plantings through free hands on workshops and tours. Workshops include Bark Grafting with Aaron Parker and Richard Hodges, Medicinal Herbs with Mischa Schuler, Weaving Bittersweet with Zack Rouda, and more. Stay tuned for the complete schedule in coming weeks. This is a family and kid-friendly event. We look forward to seeing you at the orchard!

  • Annual Permaculture PLANT Swap!

    East End Community School

    Join us for our annual PLANT Swap in conjunction with the First Annual Public Orchard Day! This year, the plant swap is at the East End Community School and is followed by our first Permablitz of the season at Mt. Joy Orchard. For more about Public Orchard Day: https://resiliencehub.org/publicorchardday/ The Plant Swap is by far our biggest swap of the year. You're still welcome to bring other items but the focus this month is plants plant plants! It's almost time to get in the dirt, so bring anything you can. Indoor plants, outdoor plants, seeds, perennials, annuals, fruit, whatever you've got to share. There will be tons to trade, and lots of great information being passed along. If you stick around, there will be workshops, hands-on education, and shared food. Trading Post and Swap events are free, open to all and have minimal rules. Canned goods, plants, seedlings, seeds, preserved or fresh produce, hand-made items, books etc. are all welcome at Portland Trading Post. The main idea is that we are stepping outside of the cash economy and mutually "gifting" things to each other in a way that turns whatever we have in abundance into a diversity of goodness and good will. In the past, people have used the "comments" area of this page to talk about what they think they might be bringing which drums up early interest:) The only guidelines are: No cash changes hands. Don't start the swapping until everyone's there and has a chance to look around at what's on offer (about 15 minutes in). You can swap with someone or simply "gift" things to each other without taking a return item. Your choice. You can use and trade "time dollars" if you are a member of the local time bank (Hour Exchange Portland (http://www.hourexchangeportland.org/)). Make sure you've found a home for all your stuff before you leave (or take home what hasn't been gifted). Be sure to label food items with multiple ingredients. Feel free to use the comments area of this page to talk about what you might be bringing or seeking. This is a social and casual event, both family and kid-friendly. We look forward to seeing all of you for one of our most exciting events of the year!!!

  • Wild Fermentation: Brewing and Microbes with Justin Amaral

    Zero Station / The Resilience Hub


    Join us to continue the conversation about fermentation with Justin Amaral of Mainiacal Yeast Lab. In this evening workshop, we'll learn about the wild fermentation of multiple alcoholic drinks: sake, wines of many varieties, cider, mead, sour beer, and other indigenously inspired fermented beverages from around the world. We will cover everything from the science and microbiology to the brewing process itself. We'll also have a variety of beverages available for sampling. Justin Amaral is the co-owner and head of lab services of Maniacal Yeast Labs. He is a total fermentation geek - check him out on Maine Calling a few months ago: https://www.mainepublic.org/post/fermentation-time-honored-technique-grows-popularity

  • Beginner Herbalism Garden Series: Digestive, Respiratory, Nervine Herbs

    Join community herbalist Mischa Schuler for four evenings in May to engage with the plants as they awaken from winter. We’ll begin in the garden in early Spring as the medicinal plants emerge, while their growth from last year is still present, holding the very last of their seeds! We'll have an herb walk each week, so we begin to recognize the shapes of the plants as they grow. We'll taste many of the plants in tea, and learn their digestive, respiratory, and nervous system supportive actions in the body. We'll prepare medicine each week and travel home with plants from the garden on our last evening together. When: Tuesday evenings in May, 6 - 8:30 pm. May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th Where: We will gather in a beautiful yurt on Mischa's property. See the photo posted in the event. Investment: Sliding Scale $135 - $175 A $50 deposit here will hold your spot. Please pay what feels generous and sustainable to you. Please bring: -Layers to move between the garden and the yurt, which is heated with wood -A potluck kit (plate, bowl, utensils) -Something to share for supper! We’ll be nibbling dinner after our garden walk (around 6:45), while Mischa tells stories. Maximum of 15 participants

  • Portland Maine Green New Deal Town Hall

    Zero Station / The Resilience Hub

    Who stands to benefit from the Green New Deal? What's at stake? Join us at this Town Hall to hear members of our community share about how the Green New Deal is the biggest opportunity of our lifetime to invest in the American people, and what that looks like for us. This is a FREE event.

  • Make Your Own Healing Salve

    Zero Station / The Resilience Hub

  • Introduction to Perennial Vegetables

    Zero Station / The Resilience Hub


    If this class is not affordable to you, please get in touch about barter or scholarship opportunities. Perennial vegetables are a essential part of many permaculture systems, they will grow where annuals can't, they often produce with a minimum of inputs and they are ready for harvest at times when annuals aren't, along with a myriad of other benefits. This class will introduce 20+ species of perennial veggies that grow well in our climate, you will also go home with 3 free packets of perennial vegetable seeds to start or diversify your garden. 6:30 - Gather for potluck refreshments (bring a snack or beverage to share and your own potluck kit [plate/napkin/cup/utensils] for a zero waste event. Coffee and tea provided. 7:00 Presentation and workshop begins 8:00/8:15 Closing and breakdown