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[TONIGHT!] Exclusive VIP Dinner - Ecommerce and Online Business in 2018

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Price: A$5.65 /per person
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Food and Drinks will be provided for the evening

5:30 Registration, Networking, & Snacks
6:00-6:15 Announcements & House Rules
6:15-7:00 Presentation 1) Nathan Shearer
7:00-7:25 Dinner & Networking
7:25-8:00 Presentation 2) Marc Berryman
8:00 Thank you

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[Celebrate Your Wins] My first (successful) 7 Day Startup is today having its 4th Birthday and what a way to celebrate, delivering the keynote to 60+ fellow aspiring and successful ecommerce peeps to share my journey.

If you had of asked me 4 years ago if this little side gig of selling some healthy coffee and mct oils would land me on stage as an ecommerce expert i would have laughed. 3 stages in 9 months? That's just crazy!

It's not been easy.
It's not been smooth sailing.
It's not been passive income.


It HAS opened many doors
It HAS created many friendships
It HAS led to meeting Tony Robbins and being backstage as a sponsor at one of the finest examples of live events in history
It HAS shown me the hard lessons on what a good, sustainable, profitable, growing business looks like (this isn't quite it..)

Above all..
It HAS given me credibility, as a *practitioner* in Online Business and in particular physical products.

It's this credibility that gives me the ability to give back, by having some authority to influence others wanting to break the chains of traditional business and work, or learn how to fast track their own ecommerce stores to greater success.

So, it's this moment I am celebrating.
As it's at the core of my why. This is my success.

Don't let your crazy ideas fade, follow your curious heart, you never know where it will lead!

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