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Badminton - Every Wednesday until 2013 20.30pm

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Badminton, lets get together and play.

We as Stockholm Sporty People have invested in a contract for two courts every week until June 2013. This means we will have at the same time every week two courts for one hour from 8.30pm until 9,30pm

It is quite often that other courts are then free at 9.30pm so depending on how many want to carry on playing, we then have the possibility to book more courts, which we need to pay for, we do not book these in advance as there are always some available once it gets to 9.30pm

As we only play with feather shuttlecocks rather than plastic, we have bought these in advance and these will be given out to be used. The cost of these is shared, with each player paying a contribution of 25kr each week, making the cost of badminton 80kr which you will pay directly to your host. Please note, this is for the first hour 8.30-9-30pm

Those of you wanting to continue playing must pay 40kr extra and then we will book additional courts directly with the owner at 9.30pm. Please note, that so long as you don't take a shower, the owner will allow those playing 9.30-10.30pm to continue until the court closes at 11pm.

If you were on the waiting list and came at 9.30pm you pay 80kr to the host, this includes your contribution towards feather shuttlecocks. There is also the possibility to borrow a racket from us free of charge (they are cheap in quality, but free).

If you are new to the group, you need to follow the instructions below.

To ensure that we have people RSVP'ing who will attend, we have created a membership. See below.

Before reading the details of the event, an explanation of the rules for booking badminton with us.

To be part of our badminton club, you need to deposit 100kr in your badminton account buffer.

What does this mean ?

One of the problems in the past with booking for events such as badminton and tennis has been that there has been too many late cancellations and no-shows. This has on occasions meant we have booked courts that we did not use, and the cost of this was then needed to be shared by the people who did attend.

How does it work?

Each person wanting to play badminton puts 100kr in a badminton buffer account, you will receive the information when you RSVP yes.

If you do not receive the information (Because you used a smartphone to RSVP), then please contact me direct. Andy Foster

The money will stay untouched in the account provided that you show up, or don't cancel close to the event (The cut off is 2pm on the Tuesday, the day before).

If you do cancel after the Tuesday deadline, or you just don't show up, then 50kr will be taken from your buffer account.

What if I don't want to play badminton with the group anymore?

If at any time you would like to close your buffer account, then any money remaining will be given back to you.

Why do we need to do this?

We as organisers, have invested money up front to pay for a 10 month contract to ensure we can play badminton every week, we don't want the responsibility of either paying for a court we don't use, due to people canceling late on, or just not showing up.

Sometimes work dictates that you can't make it, but unfortunately we still have to pay for the court if we cancel in the final 24 hrs.

The details

We have booked two courts, but in the event that there is not a minimum of 4 people signed in, then one of the courts will be cancelled 24 hrs earlier to save us paying for a court we will not use.

The Cost

Price is 80 SEK per person, per hour.

You will either be playing singles, or doubles depending on the number who show up.


If you sign up, and cancel after the deadline of Tuesday (day before) at 2pm, then you will be liable for 50kr towards the event taken from your buffer account.

We must book the courts in advance, and cancellations can only take place up till 24 hrs before.


From the T-Bana at Skansktull, take the Ringvägen exit and come out by the side of Clarion Hotel where you follow the path down to Erikdahlsbadet, when you arrive there near the reception, take the stairs left and

down and you should see a big green building, BadmintonHallen.

You can come by car, parking is just outside at Eriksdahlsbadet and costs 20kr for 3 hours parking but if you arrive before 18.00 (i.e. 17.58) buy your ticket you get 3 hrs for just 10kr.

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