Canceled Meetup

Kart racing (open for newbies as well!)

Price: €12.00 /per person
Location image of event venue


Hi there!

Be welcome to sign in here if you would like to do 2x7 minutes karting but this event will be confirmed as soon as it finds its organiser or co-organisers and a date! :)

This is just a suggestion for people who might be interested in doing karting at a cheaper price... I won't be the final organiser because I'm not sure I can make it (I used to do karting long time ago but apparently I can't practise it anymore :(

Anyway, here is the idea!
I saw a limited deal on internet that gave me the idea to call the Karting club and negociate a price for us...instead of buying the deal in advance.
Further how many people you will be, it might be around 125/150 sek or even less instead of 300 sek per person.
The organiser will have to get the money in advance from the other meet up members signing up and in exchange he/she won't be paying for him/herself (offered by the firm further the final people coming or shared between the other meet up members coming... to be negociated once you know the final numbers...)

More information:
The club is closing during winter (between 20 Oct and 15 April) so it has to be organised before or after....
On the track you can be 9 karts max running at a time but you can be as many as you want and organise several tours the same day...
Each tour is 7 min, and the offer (for now) includes 2 tours per person (still negociable I think further your feed back)!

The track is 903 meters long and located in Södertalje
more info:

People interested in organising this, contact me by mail here or give me a land-line number so I can call you back (I'm abroad right now).