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Have you ever wished there were an AWESOME makerspace or hackerspace in the Salt Lake City area? A place where you can find like-minded tinkerers, hardware entrepreneurs, engineers, artists and makers?

We're building Utah's premiere makerspace and we'd love it if you'd join us. Our space is located right next to the Utah Arts Alliance's Art Hub at 663 100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84104.

We're excited! Come to our public meetings or committee meetings. Be a part of our not-for-profit organization and steer this ship in the right direction. The larger our group, the more likely this endeavor will continue to be self-sustaining. In other words, we need you!

Check out our schedule of classes (analog electronics, cosplay costumes, DIY kids, etc.) and our roster of tools (laser cutter, CNC routers, 3D printers, wood shop, welder, etc.)

Check out our website (http://makesaltlake.org/). You can become a member by clicking the "Join Now" button there.

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Online event


This is an online, BY APPOINTMENT certification.
Have you taken the CNC 101 class? Great! This class is the certification for the X-Carve CNC. You will be able to prove that you have the basic knowledge to operate and have all the necessary requirements setup to use the X-Carve. You will not be able to complete this class without a free account with Inventables.com that allows you to use their Easel Software. Easel is required to operate the X-Carve.
**This is an online certification, after registering, please contact mgbeck98 on Slack to set up a time. Go to slack.makesaltlake.org to sign up for our slack workspace
**Please do not take this certification if you've scheduled the 101 class right before this class. Please give the information some time to be absorbed before taking this certification.

Machining--Introduction to Manual Mill

Make Salt Lake


Meet in the Machine Shop

Introduction to the Bridgeport Manual Mill covering basic machine operation and use of common tools such as mills, drills and locating devices. Students will acquire all the necessary skills and operational knowledge to execute basic tasks on the manual mill. Attendance is capped at 3 students per session. Please meet in the Machine Shop.

Open Coding Study Hall, collaborative problem solving

Online event

CURRENTLY ONLINE and only if people are signed up the day previous or contact Will directly
An open meetup designed to solve coding or coding+microcontroller such as Arduino, Raspberry-Pi, etc. problems in a collaborative environment. Show up with your problem, we will work together to solve it.

There will be at least one experienced coder on hand to help solve problems with coding, and coding+MCU types of computers

Have your platform, and all components ready, with model numbers, coding language, OS, etc. ready

It may be a good idea to message Will or leave a comment if you are working with something which may need some research

Metal Shop CERTIFICATION (General Safety)

Make Salt Lake


Meet in the Metal Shop

This class is the certification class for the Metal Shop at Make Salt Lake.
About this Event
This class is the certification class for the Metal Shop at Make Salt Lake. In order to use the tools provided in Make Salt Lake's Metal Shop, all members must take and pass this class. The focus of the class will be on safety, PPE (personal protective equipment), proper use and care of the tools, and will be geared towards people who already have general knowledge of Metal Shop tools and procedure. The certification will provide information on proper safety but will include minimal instruction. It will not train you to use the tools, but it will certify you to use the cutters and grinders and the flux core welder. It is designed to test members on their ability to practice proper safety techniques.

Following the safety certification, optional MIG welding certification will be provided. After brief instruction and demonstration, members will be able to access the MIG welding machine.

Members seeking in-depth training and technical instruction should enroll in the Welding 101 class, after completing this General Safety Certification.

**Please show up ready to weld. Proper attire is required. Synthetic clothing is flammable, and difficult to extinguish. Please choose clothing and footwear made from natural fibers while in the metal shop. Cotton, leather, denim, or flame-retardant work wear are all good options. Please bring good safety glasses / mask combo .

Class size reduced to 4 people. It's a small room. Please bring and wear a mask.

All attendees must register! This class will not be held if there are no registrations.

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