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What we’re about

We are all family - Come home!

Lets be real, finding friends after 40 is not easy and left unchecked can lead to loneliness and isolation which is not our true nature. I believe we are all family and connected on a much deeper level. If this connection is not nurtured through ongoing support it is easy to feel disconnected, isolated and depressed.

This group is purely focused on supporting one another through this thing called life. It gives us all a chance to hear each others stories, to bring us closer to our natural selves (happy, fulfilled and peaceful).

The goal of this group is for women to meet weekly to share what's going well in life and what could use improvement. Sharing our stories connects us to each other and the hope is through these connections we feel supported and create meaningful friendships.

The only requirement for this group is to be open to share your experiences as well as be open to receive support from others. This is a new group which means there may not be many members in the beginning but I hope to build a larger community if there is enough interest. That said, a lot of groups require a certain number of people to hold a meet-up however, one person is important and enough to hold a group.

This is an all-inclusive group which means there is absolutely no discrimination. We are ALL family regardless of labels. Although this is a women's group we will not close the door on anyone looking for support and community. So please, come home and join us!

*Currently determining where ongoing events will take place but our first event will take place in Suwanee, GA (location shown when you RSVP to events).