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I’m trying to develop a habit of reading classic psychology books, and what better way than to start a psychology book club? Come along if you want to have an interesting discussion on a fascinating topic!

We will focus mostly on the classics. To give you an idea, I mean books like:
-Man And His Symbols, Carl Jung
-The Denial Of Death, Ernst Becker
-The Ego And The Mechanisms Of Defence, Anna Freud

We will meet once a month (online, for now) to discuss the book for that month, and how our minds have been blown by the greatest thinkers in the field.

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Book Club: Stand Up For Yourself

Online event

Hi Everyone,

I thought we could start off the year with my short article (about 16 pages) called Stand Up For Yourself. A lot of the ideas from the article are from The Assertiveness Workbook by Randy J Paterson, a Canadian psychologist. Paterson's book is one of the best I have ever read, which presents some very practical advice in a simple way. I would definitely recommend giving it a read. My article is meant to be a concise summary which aims to help you learn an important idea in less time. Let's have a more confident, assertive 2022!

You can access the article by copy and pasting the link below:


Some people attend without having read the book (or having read part of the book). This is perfectly fine and we are glad to have you!


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